shipping container apartment being erected in washington this week

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They are the cornerstone of the global economy, with 20 million huge steel boxes crossing the ocean on huge container ships.
Starting Monday, the first of the 18 sunken outcasts will be stacked in one dig
The basement of the district turns a deteriorated student group house into an experiment to create eyes
Catch the housing quickly and cheaply.
In an effort to ask questions: can the thousands of abandoned shipping containers that designers have long talked about really help create more affordable housing, or are they mainly gimmicks?
How do you bring humans to an 8-by-40-foot box?
If economic work and people really like to live in a carefully remodeled steel shell, the architects in the project will have a bigger dream, including floating hundreds of container apartments on Potomac\'s barge, and create a homeless village on the river that serves Georgetown.
First of all, however, in the booming area across the street from Catholic University this week, things have to go smoothly, where theology graduates, 31-year-old former defender Matthew Grace, his business partner and fellow cardinals, 31-year-old Sean.
They made a decision on a snowy day last winter.
Instead of repairing the aging rental home they bought as a part-time real estate investor in 2009, they removed it.
\"There\'s not much going back from this,\" Joiner said . \".
\"You can rent something to a big hole,\" Grace said . \".
For years, young real estate entrepreneurs have been digging the architectural ideas of Grace fiancee for free: wall color, building materials, General concepts about design.
Grace met Kelly Davis in the Catholic Church and went to Ireland with her and construction lecturer Travis Price, who started a design adventure decades ago.
\"We are building a monument and we need people,\" Davis said . \" He is now working in Price\'s company.
Looking at her work, Grace saw the beauty of her independent life.
Modern architecture.
\"Have you read\" source?
Grace asked, referring to Ayn Rand\'s novel, about the struggle of a rebellious architect against the imposter.
The main characters are probably Price and Davis.
\"They\'re like Howard Locke,\" Grace said . \".
Grace and Joiner are Catholic roommates who are trying to get back to the real estate market.
But until that easy time.
Credit housing boom in the medium term
They bought 2000 of their first house on Capitol Hill.
They lived in the basement together, repaired it, rented it out upstairs, and slowly pieced it together.
A dozen properties that they manage when they are not working at Bethesda Financeplanning firm.
As landlords, they say, they rent to Catholic football players and other students, young professionals and others who are trying to keep up with the surge in regional rents.
They strive to keep costs low and avoid being too ambitious in reform.
But there is a problem with their foundation in the house in NE Diqi Street, right downstairs in the university, there is a towering new development at Brookland Metro station, leaving a broken wall, they need to do a big deal
They decided to hire Davis and her boss.
When prices outline ideas and cost estimates for redecorating the house, \"I think, \'Stop what you\'re doing.
What is that number?
Grace recalled.
They can\'t afford it.
Then, \"Travis sat a little behind the table and said, \'What do we do with containers? \'?
They thought it was crazy.
Then they don\'t.
\"I wanted to do this since I was in college,\" Price said last week . \".
In his 70 s, when he thought about \"how to solve the problem of mass housing\", Price proposed to build a 10-
Story steel frame for shipping container house-
\"It\'s like a \'Blade running\' look,\" he said . \".
It\'s supposed to be \"plug-and-
Play \"means that a family can separate utilities and move.
\"You are in a new city in the same house,\" Price said . \".
Finally, he put the idea aside in favor of what he thought was better: to build a \"passive sun House\" that was illuminated with sunlight and shadows, heated and partially cooled the interior space.
Now, he goes back to what he calls a \"spiritual backpack\" and has the opportunity to figure out if it really makes sense to build a sea container apartment.
While designers around the world have made creative homes in containers in recent years, Price\'s customers have retreated once they see the cost of radical modifications in simple rectangular structures.
Here, however, Price says, \"we are actually using these existing devices and we have not dramatically violated them . \".
\"This is the difference.
You cut and paste.
We may be more dramatic, but you will pay.
\"Some residents who have long lived in Brookland believe that the upcoming container house is part of a broader development boom that violates their community.
Several houses are surrounded by Ewan Brown.
Since he came here in 1990, many neighbors have sold their properties to developers or rented their homes to students.
With a huge new apartment building pulling up
He walked far away from him, and he felt the rumble of the jack hammer, and more came.
\"My house is shaking.
\"I feel powerless and useless,\" Brown said . \".
\"You want to be in peace with your neighbors, but they are not in peace with me.
\"Living in a container home is not attractive to him.
He just wants to eat tomatoes.
\"I know I have to leave,\" he said, when the next big development project shows up across the street . \".
For Davis and the rest of the people behind the SeaUA project --
A play on CUA, the abbreviation of American Catholic University --
Container apartments is an opportunity to make beautiful and practical improvements for nearby areas.
Davis and Grace meet in Brookland, where Grace has a home.
The joiner said the question they asked themselves was: will we live here?
Do we want our sister to live here?
\"It\'s almost like the golden rule,\" says Joiner . \".
Project architect Davis described what they did to bring the rusty box to life, and it sounded pleasant.
The container keeper is welded open to produce a shaded fin and replaced by windows that extend nearly 9 feet from the floor to the ceiling. Another full-
The window length of each container/bedroom will be relative to the mirror wardrobe.
\"It makes the container feel like it\'s not this long corridor.
\"It\'s a full outdoor explosion,\" said 28-year-old Davis . \".
Workers in Baltimore cut steel plates from containers so that when containers are pushed together, there will be open space in the kitchen and living room.
The container will be on three floors, six containers on each floor, with a cellar unit.
Each of the four floors is designed as a separate apartment with six bedrooms and six bathrooms on each floor.
The walls from the main living area to the outside will be made of a translucent plastic used in the greenhouse.
The stair tower and add-ons will be covered with the same Polygal material.
\"It\'s like a huge night light,\" Davis said . \".
The container will have sound insulation and insulation, birch plywood walls and original ocean-
High-grade plywood flooring that used to ship cheap goods to the U. S. coast.
Old containers can sell for $2,000, although project backers won\'t say how much they spend in total or charge rent.
The apartments are open to all, but due to convenience, Catholic students have seized them and most of them are for them, Price said.
\"Our budget targets are very low compared to traditional buildings and we are working hard to achieve them,\" Price said . \".
If they keep pace, he says, something more radical could happen.
Price said small success can lead to greater success, just as the solar house he built in 70 years was replaced by millions of dollars. square-
Walking version of Tennessee years later.
Price is looking for his land for his next dream project, the multi-storey Ocean.
The container apartment building is floating on a large barge connected to land through a bridge.
\"Sousalito meets with the Netherlands and meets D. C.
\"It\'s possible that Nats will drop,\" Price said . \".
\"It\'s kind of like a water gate event for the public, on the water.
City officials are not clear about this. They say the idea is attractive, but they need to know more about it.
\"When we have this kind of problem, the first thing we have to do is to see if the code allows them to do so,\" Matt Orenstein said . \" A spokesman for the Municipal Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.
After the containers were welded together this week, the remaining construction plans were completed by the end of August.
This is a deadline for iron.
\"It\'s not just a demand.
\"It\'s a better start for me,\" Davis said . \".
Grace and Davis will be married on September, riding Harley on their honeymoon across the country before flying back the day before the Joiners\' wedding.
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