researchers seek the \'perfect shipping container\'.

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The Department of Homeland Security is investing in a range of projects, including long and short
Create the Perfect shipping box.
According to an official with the Department of Homeland Security overseeing research, the ideal solution will include some cutting
Edge attributes, including the ability to convey any event back to the command center, detect any holes in the door or wall, reduce weight, and embed the sensor in the wall of the crate.
There is also a safety system on the wishlist that can monitor the boxes in these crates, allowing officials to keep an eye on them from port to train to truck.
\"We have to make sure that the legs are protected in the country,\" said Elaine desynski, acting assistant secretary for policy and planning at dhs border and transport security.
There are some obstacles to this ambitious goal.
One of them is to find the right battery for a safe device.
In order to match the battery with the maintenance speed of the cargo container, 10-
It takes a year to live, says Dezenski.
Another obstacle, she said, is disagreement over the way devices should communicate with a wider monitoring network.
In addition, although the supply chain links the data shared by the railway, shipping and trucking industries, there is no agreement on how to process the data.
\"We will do a lot of work on standardizing,\" Dezenski said . \".
In addition, there is a lack of a test method to ensure the reliability of the detector.
\"We can only tolerate less than 1% false positives,\" she said . \" She stressed the need for strict standards and testing systems.
The DHS container project is at different stages of development. The long-
The term solution is designed to be a high level container security device, which means to be the next
Replace the container.
The plan is expected to fail
Selected from five contractors to three next year, the goal is to test the prototype in fiscal 2007.
According to Bob Knetl, HSARPA container project manager, final testing and production are expected to be completed by 2008 or 2009 (
Senior research projects).
Other container projects include the marine asset labeling tracking system, Knetl said.
The system is designed to solve a prominent problem of maritime transport safety. -
Satellites are required to provide a clear signal path for positioning and communication.
In sea shipping, the container is placed on the ship deck, and the distance between the containers on both sides of the container is less than 1 feet.
On the deck, containers can be stacked 6 to 20 high.
Signals from satellite labels can be blocked.
This is not a big problem for trucks and rail goods, as the containers are not so tightly stacked.
By the end of this year, he said, the Department of Homeland Security project manager is expected to approve standards for the container security architecture, which is a crucial step.
By 2008, production and testing of maritimecomponent is expected to begin, he added.
Joint testing with rail and road systems will help ultimately secure a common label for each mode of transport, Knetl said.
Dezenski said that policies and technologies promote and influence each other in the government.
She stressed, however, that the private sector must recognize that it is cost-effective to change its way or use new equipment.
Technology can help convince shippers to adapt to the new security model, she said.
Dezenski and Knetl said there is a lot of room for improvement in several key steps in the supply chain.
For example, the initial packaging of a carton, called \"filler\" by the shipping industry, hardly verifies what is put inside.
Even if the shipper has this information, it is rarely shared with the United States. S. government.
Homeland security officials often say they intend to expand the use of radio frequency identification labels for alevel rail goods below 20 feet worldwideby-
40 feet containers, even to containers, boxes or items.
To achieve this, HSARPA launched a \"safe cartoninitiative\" and plans to select five contractors in 2006 to produce prototypes next year.
\"Our main goal is to detect tampering events,\" Knetl said . \".
Safety cartons of various or flexible sizes, compatible with existing ISO containers, will have a safe \"skin\" or boundary that can detect tampering, active RFID and security information --
Sharingsystem is a local communication function that alerts advanced container security devices--
Through it, the national target Center--
Any breach of good faith
An advanced material container project is working on complex composites for manufacturing sensors
Knetl says the inlaid container is 30 to 50% lighter than the current one.
This will bring savings to shippers and increase security, he said.
It also helps to sell the plan to shippers who are unwilling to bear the extra cost.
\"From a security perspective, the scope of this issue is quite broad,\" Dezenski said . \".
\"R & D can contribute to better policies and vice versa.
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