Regional characteristics of Container Composite houses

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-22
Perhaps entering the industrial society, standardization and industrialization have become a trend, while the industrialization of residential buildings and container module houses have been widely discussed in the world. In Europe and Japan, the application of container module houses began in the middle of the last century. Since entering the new century, China's huge demand for housing and tourist housing, with the research and implementation of housing boxes, modular housing and industrialized housing, it is still unknown whether it can alleviate the sensitive housing nerves of Chinese people, but at least what is certain is that with the development of new materials and new processes, modular box-type houses or modular buildings will perform a wonderful future in the application fields mentioned above, at least in developed economies, it is no longer a low-end residential noun. 1. Cold areas should meet the requirements of winter insulation. Some areas need to take into account the heat protection in summer, and the container module housing structure should be designed for external insulation (Heat insulation)Structure. The hot summer and cold winter zone should meet the requirements of the structure of heat protection in summer, and try to give consideration to the heat preservation in winter. The structure of the container module house should be designed as external heat insulation layer and internal heat preservation structure. The hot summer and warm winter areas should fully meet the requirements of heat protection in summer. The North District should give consideration to the effect of heat preservation in winter as much as possible. The container module House must design the external sunshade structure. ⒋, In areas with heat preservation requirements, all parts of the container module building structure shall meet the heat transfer coefficient limit requirements specified in this category of building energy conservation design standards. Dew point checking calculation should be carried out on the enclosure structure of heating area, and measures should be taken when it is not satisfied. ⒌ In areas that need heat protection requirements, when the light container module house structure is adopted and the D value cannot meet the requirements, comprehensive measures such as shading, ventilation, reflection and so on should be taken in time. For some building types of container modular houses, when the building combination scheme with exposed box structure is adopted, complete containers should be used, and the outer surface should be intact. When taking the wall board of the box as the surface of the external wall, the internal link should adopt the method of welding, and the fixed parts of the same tight part should not penetrate the container wall. Kitchen, bathroom, etc. are limited by the mode of pipeline structure, and it is difficult to change their positions during use. Therefore, the key layout of indoor functions is easily affected. When container module houses are combined with the bottom frame or local frame, attention should be paid to it, the structural and functional requirements outside the container should be coordinated with the enclosure structure of the container and meet the requirements of the current national standards.
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