Red, white and blue container building courtyard, a chic container house

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-06
【Abstract]Living containers are becoming more and more popular. The price is relatively high. Most of them are in the dangerous terrain of the mountains, using the preferential folding containers, so they can completely control the transportation and storage of general items and save a lot of expenses for some small enterprises, or as a street shop, the living container has strong mobility, and the box room is the leader of the industry. The container house is a kind of building system that has once again hit the fashion trend. The container needs to be additionally equipped with freezers or ventilation equipment. The company is a research and development company, design, manufacture, and hoist. This is a leisure space in Hiroshima, Japan-- Cycle Park is built by a number of red, white and blue containers. It has both children's entertainment and commercial leisure activities. The whole park is square, and the concrete foundation carries the box. The whole building is more stable. The box is placed around a wooden activity area, with an outdoor activity space in the middle and a colorful two-story container building on both sides. The red and blue containers are placed on both sides, and the blue and red containers on both sides are placed upside down. The color is dazzling and attractive. The second floor in front is a white 40-foot container, which is very prominent when mixed with red and blue, eye-catching. All containers have been modified according to the demand, and equipment such as doors and windows have been installed. The two-story building is connected by steel straight ladders, which is in line with the overall building shape. In addition, the second floor building has also set up outdoor leisure space for guests to use. Container is the most famous landscape in Shimen Mountain scenic area, and it is also the only large-scale container hotel in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. If you come to Huairou to play, whether you go to Yanhu Lake or Qinglong Gorge, or Hongluo Temple, you must stay at the container hotel for one night. Container hotel built in the foot container in space small perfectly formed. Wake up in the morning, the sun rises from behind the mountain, open the container's special floor-to-ceiling window, and you will see the green scenery of the mountains.
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