Pure white container to create a studio, container photography exhibition in Gyeongju, South Korea

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-05
【Abstract] With the development of China's Leisure tourism industry, the rural leisure agriculture market, which is compound, contains life experience and can truly show the rural customs, is becoming wider and wider. Containers can not only meet the diversified accommodation, viewing and experience needs of tourists, but also have very good wind and rain resistance and can help the project break through the bottleneck and restriction of land use. Whether it is a small and fresh garden, a sense of classical industry, a small villa in the mountains, and a movable hotel room . . . . . . Using container creativity to enrich the format of scenic spots and destinations has become a new choice for many villages to create tourist destinations. When it comes to such urgent adjectives as 'last', 'only' and 'non-renewable', The first is all kinds of heritage. From a small family to a family, to a city, it is a very cherished thing. The 'World Heritage city' refers to the World Heritage of city type. Its nature is similar to China's 'national historical and cultural city'. It can be said to be a world-class historical and cultural city and the last historical ancient city. In order to show and commemorate these World Heritage Cities, a studio designed like a pure land 【OWHC-AP]It is located in qingchengtai, Qingzhou. The reason why it is like a pure land is that the studio is made of pure white containers, pure and noble. One side of the container was removed and replaced with a glass door that can be folded open as the door to the studio, while the other side was the intact wall of the container, which can facilitate the display of the work. There are also some words printed on the back of the iron box, which are some propaganda and identification contents. The studio displays some photographic works of the world heritage city, recording the historical traces and customs of the city, and promoting the world as a permanently preserved landscape map, visitors see the painting as if they were there. There are also some brochures on the scene for wide circulation. Nine independent container holiday houses are built on the mountain, in a radial arc connected into a row, surrounded by mountains and standing on the water. The side-by-side form makes the vision wide and unobstructed, and each container holiday house can enjoy the invincible Mountain View. Two-layer minimalist style, all white exterior wall tones, doors and windows are all made of floor-mounted reflective glass, clean and neat
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