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by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2022-05-29
With the prosperity and development of maritime trade, shipping equipment containers have gradually entered people's field of vision. Shipping equipment containers are mainly used to load goods transported by sea. It is necessary to investigate the market conditions of equipment containers when selecting them. It is also important to arrange how the cargo is loaded. In addition, there are some precautions in the process of handover of shipping containers that we need to focus on. 1. First of all, we should know that there are two forms of endorsement for shipping container handover. If the consignee column on the bill of lading shows 'TOORDER2. Of course, when using shipping equipment containers to transport goods, the importer needs to provide a copy including the name of the port of entry, the port of destination and the name of the ship, as well as the voyage, bill of lading number, weight and size of the goods and the signature and seal of the importer , container transportation plan, etc., this letter of guarantee should be handed over to the shipping agent. 3. In order to ensure the transportation safety of the goods, it is necessary to carefully check whether the container number and seal number of the shipping container on the bill of lading and the original bill of lading are the same when handing over the bill to prevent the goods being transported from being invalid. 4. In addition, users should also know that there are five bills of lading for shipping containers. Generally, the white one is used for picking up the goods, and the green one is used for the delivery record. 5. The equipment handover list plays an important role in the transportation of equipment containers and is an important certificate. It not only plays a role in the container entry and exit areas and stations, but also serves as the container returner, container transporter and container manager Certificates for the exchange of containers and other mechanical equipment between their agents, and the exchange procedures for handover orders are generally handled at the gate of the wharf. There are many things that should be paid attention to in the process of transportation and handover of shipping equipment containers. Shipping transportation has different rules and regulations at home and abroad. We need to know more to make the transportation of goods smoother. Of course, we want to determine which equipment container is better. It is necessary to investigate and compare more, and choose a transportation company with a good reputation for equipment containers, so as to improve the safety of cargo transportation.
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