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by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2022-05-28
As the name suggests, a shipping container is a container specially used for shipping. The size of a good-quality shipping container determines the volume of goods that can be used for shipping. Before the goods are shipped, accurate calculation and reasonable arrangement can make the most effective use of the space in the box. So in addition to the need for reasonable arrangements for packing, what should be paid attention to in the process of container handover? 1. There are two forms of endorsement for shipping container handover. If the consignee column on the bill of lading shows 'TO ORDER2. When using shipping containers to transport goods, the importer needs to issue a written certificate requesting the release of the goods to the shipping agent, which is called a letter of guarantee. The letter of guarantee includes the port of entry, the port of destination, the name of the vessel and the voyage, the bill of lading number, the weight and size of the item, the signature and seal of the importer, and the container transportation plan. 3. When changing the order, carefully check whether the copy of the bill of lading or telex release is consistent with the container number and seal number of the shipping container on the bill of lading. 4. The bill of lading for a shipping container is divided into five pages. Users should pay attention to using the white page to pick up the goods, while the green page is used for the delivery record. 5. The equipment handover list is the certificate for the handover between the container user and the container carrier, the container manager or its agent when the shipping container enters and leaves the irrigation area and the station, and also takes into account the container certificate issued by the container manager. function. When the container is lent or recycled at the terminal yard or freight station, the equipment handover document is made by it and signed by both parties as the proof of handover between the two. The above five aspects are the main points that need to be paid attention to when using shipping containers for handover. This is because domestic or international shipping has relevant regulations on material transportation. If the goods to be transported can be transported and arrived smoothly, they must meet the requirements. Therefore, before choosing a transportation company, you must fully understand which manufacturer of shipping containers is used. Yes, to ensure compliance with shipping regulations and the safety of the cargo.
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