Pay attention to the anti-corrosion problem of creative containers

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-10
Container fittings are all units that make up the whole container and the products of containers. The variety of container fittings is complicated, and containers can be divided into small, large and high, and super high-end. In recent years, container accessories are also developing rapidly. After understanding some brief concepts of creative container accessories, we should also pay attention to some anti-corrosion knowledge of containers, so it is necessary for us to use containers more persistently, before talking about container corrosion prevention, let's understand several concepts and data. Metal corrosion process is generally carried out through two ways: chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion. Chemical corrosion: corrosion caused by direct chemical reaction between metal surface and surrounding medium. Such as acid rain, metal corrosion caused by acid mist. Electrochemical corrosion: metal materials (Alloy or impure metal) Corrosion caused by electrode reaction in contact with electrolyte solution. Such as the slow corrosion of iron products in humid environment. According to statistics, the annual steel loss caused by metal corrosion accounts for about 10% of the steel output of that year ~ 20%. That is to say, the corrosion rate of steel (By year) About 10% of the structure as a whole ~ About 20%. In view of the different corrosion processes of metals, two common anti-corrosion measures are to treat chemical corrosive substances (Such as acid rain, acid mist) The isolation, one is the electrochemical protection of the target metal ( For example, the metal with stronger metal and the metal to be protected are closely placed together, to make the metal with strong metal replace the metal to be protected as the cathode of the primary battery, oxidation first occurs to protect the target metal). Besides, electrochemical corrosion accounts for the primary share in the process of container corrosion. Due to good protection against chemical corrosion, antirust topcoat can play a very good isolation effect. However, in the process of container transportation, small area paint film damage is inevitably caused by rubbing and other reasons, and the corrosion process at the place where the paint film is damaged is dominated by electrochemical corrosion, and the corrosion process led by electrochemistry after the generation of rust spots is a gradually accelerated process. At this moment, the maintenance of the damaged parts of the box body by the topcoat is basically zero, so the prevention of electrochemical corrosion in the process of preventing corrosion of the container becomes the top priority.
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