new home made out of shipping containers sparks interest

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The container is more than just for transportation.
In Australia, and even in Canada, they were converted into backyard swimming pools.
In Edmonton, for now at least, their use is more traditional and has only been transformed into residential living spaces.
\"I \'ve heard of people building houses in containers before, but I understand as much as most people do that if you live in a container house, Adam Morris, CEO of Edmonton, said: \"It looks like a container house outside and it looks like a container inside
Real estate development company based in copobar capital.
It was not until recently that he really saw the container as a viable building option.
\"But when I started doing more research, I learned that if you modify it and put it on, the home would actually be like a traditional home --
Inside and Outside-
This is the secret sauce, \"added Morris.
He is very confident that buyers will buy, so he is building two spec houses, one near Queen Alexandra and the other in Ritchie.
Driving past Queen Alexandra\'s house, scheduled to go to town on June 15, looks no different than any new house built in an old neighborhood.
Through it, it\'s hard for you to find any evidence that you\'re actually in six 40-
A container of feet. The two-storey, flat-
The roof house is approximately 2,100 square feet and is decorated in a modern style with three bedrooms, an extra room and an open plan
Concept kitchen with white stacked stone fireplace, dining room and living room combination.
The original container is 9 feet, 6 inch high and 8 feet wide, so the House will not feel nervous and the space will not be too small.
Instead, it fits the lot where it is located like a glove.
There is a spacious deck at the back, some green space and a separate garage
The garage is a traditional building;
Not shipping containers.
So why did Morris choose container shipping, the answer, he says, is to find a more sustainable and faster way to build.
Use shipping containers or shipping containers
Cans, because they are also called, copper blocks can be pre-
Make components at local manufacturing plants and shorten the entire manufacturing schedule.
Besides, they give the Sea-Start a new life.
\"Of the containers that arrived on the North American coast, there were about never left the North American coast.
The reason is that sending containers back to Asia is more expensive than making new ones, \"Morris said.
He also pointed out that because they are made of steel, they age well and do not move or precipitate over time, they resist mold and suppress fire.
\"With the container, not only did you save the trees --
Average 2,000-square-
Foot home needs wood from about 16 mature pine trees
\"You are also recycling a material that would not have been used,\" he added . \".
At the same time, the House of Queen Alexandra has attracted attention.
Its rich peers are still in the construction phase.
\"I may have the same reaction as everyone else,\" said OLDO Esposito, assistant agent of master 21st century, when selling container houses.
\"There may be some initial doubts.
Why are you changing things, but it makes absolutely sense once you really start to understand the benefits of it.
Esposito said that he worked with Morris in the past Copperblock project and his response was very positive, although the listing will only start active in June 15.
\"The biggest thing when the public passes is that they are completely surprised,\" Esposito said . \".
\"What we have proven to the market is that yes, you can use this material and make it a luxurious filling product.
Esposito added: \"Given the housing market in Edmonton, consumers who want to buy filled houses only want to buy the best.
\"The filling market has never been so saturated in Edmonton\'s history,\" Esposito said . \".
\"It\'s a competitive market for builders.
In fact, we provide a better building material that no one else has done.
\"As for those container swimming pools, Esposito said there was a greater interest in the containers used here for residential, garage suites and garden suites.
\"I have heard many times that containers are being used to build swimming pools --
But never in Edmonton . \"
\"The swimming pools in Edmonton can actually devalue a family because they cost thousands of dollars a year for maintenance and can only be used for three months a year.
Copperblock is also considering sea-cans for multi-Family Project.
\"We are building a road for container transport companies to be a common, orthodox way to build houses,\" Morris said . \".
\"That\'s what we\'re going to do here.
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