Maintenance methods of container B & B in different periods

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-06
In recent years, housing prices have been rising steadily, making many migrant workers unable to rent houses. Therefore, they have shifted their vision to container houses. With the increase of people's use, some problems have gradually emerged, therefore, the protection of container houses has become a point that people attach importance to. In the process of container operation, attention must be paid to maintenance and protection to ensure that residential containers can be used for a long time. How to protect the unoccupied container house? When the container is not used, what aspects should be paid attention to to promote the long-term use of the super-large-sized container? First of all, the shelter of people's containers, in fact, the Sun is a great source of damage, every day direct sunlight on any object, can make the object damaged. There is no exception to the living container, so those who store the living container must pay attention to shading. Similarly, when it rains, we must also take rain-proof measures. Similarly, water is also very simple to corrode residential containers. How to maintain the container house during the transportation of residential container houses during the use of residential containers, the main fear is that when encountering obstacles and scratching the protective layer on the surface of residential containers during the transportation process, the residential containers will be easily eroded, reduce the overall use cycle of residential containers. Therefore, we must bypass some possible collision obstacles in transportation. How to maintain the container house in use? In the use of container B & B, fire prevention, corrosion prevention, waterproof and other measures should be taken. Fire is a common occurrence on the construction site at present. If the container movable house you use is made of foam color steel plate, you should pay more attention to fire prevention. In the early stage of container transportation, the structure and specifications of containers are different. Containers affect the international circulation of containers. It is urgent to formulate international general standards for containers so as to facilitate the development of container transportation. Container standardization can not only improve the universality and interchangeability of containers as common transportation units in sea, land and air transportation, but also improve the safety and economy of container transportation, to promote the development of international container multimodal transport. At the same time, the standardization of containers also provides the basis for the selection, design and manufacture of container carrying tools and loading and unloading machinery, thus making container transportation a mutually connected, specialized and efficient transportation system. Container standards are divided according to the scope of use, including international standards, regional standards and company standards.
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