Lite foreign trade standard container project, self-sufficient container cabin

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-07
【Abstract] Based on the transport container can provide a series of structures that are easy to disassemble, Hong Kong and Australia's G- Pod company has designed a self-sufficient and movable home mode by using its characteristics. The design relies on unpacking the exposed parts of the container and unfolding the large folding deck to create twice as much space as before. Today's high housing prices are prohibitive. Besides, it is not a rare thing to sleep in a building. Only when you can sleep in a container once in your life can you be considered perfect! You don't look down on the container, it is usually used to transport the goods, but after the improvement of the designer, one is better than one! One of our clients in San Francisco has a dream of building a self-sufficient hut on 1000 acres of pristine wilderness west of Mount Larsen. Our client grew up in Colorado. He is an avid hunter who has been hunting in this land for many years and sleeping in an old-fashioned Fleetwood trailer. An easement conducive to natural conservation prohibits permanent development, so we customized two containers and then transported the new 'cabin' to this place by truck. Together with our customers, we chose an ideal foothold next to the old riverbed, with sunset black Pier cinder cone. The cabin is completely out of the grid and can be locked tightly when not in use. Picture 2 foreign projects are all equipped with standard boxes. Because of transportation problems, if you don't have a furniture factory to cooperate with, you have to make a good product, of course, it is perfect to have a master who has done interior decoration and a person who can design it! Therefore, you can only find me to help you complete the container project, because I have all the above conditions!
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