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IOVINEJULY 2003 developers note that nesting nomads may be a trend worth following. Two sure-footed front-
The contestants are Jennifer Siegel and Richard Carlson.
She is an architect who specializes in building on wheels and keeps an Airstream trailer in Marfa, Texas. , as a getaway.
He lives in four old containers in downtown Los Angeles, and she transformed the container into a stylish modern glass house.
There is even an indoor pool, naturally like a container that sinks on the floor. Mr.
Carlson, 51, is a developer and most famous of all is the brewery, who upgraded to live-in 1981-and-
Attic of artists and other creative types. Ms.
The 37-year-old Siegal came here six years ago to admire his collection of more than 20 containers
Kerry brewery. The 40-
Foot steel and aluminum shipping crates are the \"cornerstone\" of the construction industry, she said \".
She wants to prove that they are also ideal for a new type of housewife. Ms.
Siegal studied at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc to many)
Teaching at Woodbury University in Burbank is not the only person who is passionate about the garbage of another person.
The advertising container is the material of design, appearing in the works of architects everywhere, a museum project from New York LOT company consisting of hundreds of containers --
Stacked EK-
Zaha Hadid in London and Kazuyo Sejima in Tokyo saw the appearance of the container in recent works. Advertising Lady
Cooper-Cooper presents Siegal\'s own design, adapting crates, trucks and other means of transport
The three-year exhibition of the Hewitt National Design Museum.
Michael Rotondi of Los Angeles construction company RoTo Architects and director of SCI said that her experimental work on mobility is promisingArc when Ms.
Siegel is a student.
\"She is offering a high level of design to those who can\'t afford it for less dollars,\" he said . \".
Portable Architecture in Ms.
Siegel\'s blood: her grandfather runs a hot dog car on Coney Island.
She designed and ran a construction school to cover her tuition.
\"They are light weight, recyclable, easy to deploy,\" she said, an ideal addition to \"a society that has become increasingly nomadic due to technology. \'\'She met Mr.
Carlson led the students to visit his old container at the brewery.
She asked if she could use some in the student experiment;
Soon she lived in a brewery. And then Mr.
Carlson commissioned her to build a house across the street using containers as a basic structure.
His passion for industrial leftovers is equivalent to her own.
Part of his childhood was spent at a salvage farm owned by his father, who built and demolished industrial properties on Long Island.
He has a good taste for leftovers. \'\'The 40-
\"From the age of 70, the footer is out of date,\" Mr. Carlson said.
\"They throw rubbish like used soda cans,\" which makes them like Mr. Carlson.
\"Not only are they easy to move, but they are durable and easy to change and customize.
Many of them are made with any floor of mahog. Mr. advertising
Mr. Carlson built a house with him in 1995. Rotondi. But where Mr.
Luo Dongdi\'s work, especially in the 1980s S, can be considered a microcosm of industrial fashion.
The aesthetics of Siegal has an original energy, let alone a surprise.
Even the golden fish pond in the front yard dragged the grain all over the country. Mr.
Carlson wants a house that he can pack easily whenever he travels away.
He is now half-retired and only travels six months a year.
Low maintenance is a must.
But the House must also be a shelter for the city.
\"I work and live in downtown Los Angeles . \"Carlson said.
\"I want to create a world that can be reached without going too far.
\"The community in which he lives and works is very attractive for those who are not active. A four-
The driveway highway whizzes through the rail track, and the Los Angeles River flows under concrete.
The site is owned by the auto repair shop and low-
Crane warehouse.
The house was invisible from the road and locked behind a large, rusty iron gate. The heavy-
The door on duty squeaked, revealing a tropical garden with a small pool with a fountain and a driftwood arranged like a found sculpture.
This is a paradise in infancy, winding a stone path between immature mangoes and guava trees, and a shallow creek bed.
Along one side, four containers form a wall and sound barrier, which will be Mr.
Property by neighbor to Carlson
They were painted with dark olives and incorporated into the green.
A thin tree next door spilled from the wall and gently brushed the steel in the breeze.
The house is located at the far end of the garden, and its glass facade reflects the trees around it, as it rises from a low platform, subtle and inviting, and is a tree house.
The two stacked containers support corrugated metal roofs, creating a living space of 1,280 square feet.
On one side, a container is carved open in order to accommodate the mezzanine office.
On the other hand, add a glass container to the garden. Mr.
Carlson\'s bedroom is inside, and the walls are covered with rust. Mr.
Carlson admits that metal walls do heat up in the sun, but never feel uncomfortable.
Instead, he said, they happily reminded him to rest on warm rocks after a long white day --
Drifting in cold waters.
From here, sir.
Carlson pointed out the traffic conditions on the highway.
\"It\'s good to be able to see some sports when you live alone,\" he said . \".
Although these containers have road heritage, they do not appear to be intrusive and not as demanding as they are in industry, even with old Hatch pulls and blocks --
Letter printing.
Green with pond and yellow with ferns (
\"You can\'t go wrong because of the color of nature . \"Carlson said)
Even rows of rivets look more decorative than industrial hardware. The 3,000-square-
Foot house is conceptually ambitious, but it\'s easy to build and cheap in size. Mr.
Carlson said he spent $150,000 after recovering materials such as solid wood ceiling beams from a manufacturing plant in Burbank. Ms.
Siegal estimated that it would cost $300,000 to copy the house.
For interior design, Ms.
Siegal was helped by interior designer and longtime brewery resident David Mocarski.
Simple and durable decoration: Ultrasonic interior decoration, granite kitchen counter, slate shower.
\"I just need a sandwich board . \"
Carlson mentioned a medium-sized kitchen with a cooking island in the center.
This place is very low. key but custom-
Last Detail.
The swimming pool and waterfall on one side of the living room are Mr.
The idea of Carlson: remind nature to make (of course)
From the converted container.
One end of its flap door is welded and closed, the inside is lined with three layers of black epoxy pool paint, and the container is thrown into the platform floor of the living room.
Falls from 15-foot hand-
Stacked stone walls (
An indulgence of $8,000)
A staircase was hidden;
A glittering golden fin of koi illuminates the dark depths of the pool.
A glass bridge leads to a library and media room hidden in a container.
\"I chose the glass instead of the grille, so it would be easier to touch my feet alone . \"Carlson said. The rail-
Reducing the use of glass bridges will subtly prevent visitors from entering the private area of his home, he added. If Mr.
Carlson\'s main interest is to build a shelter in garbage.
Siegal\'s lie is to get something moving to take root.
Her establishment at the Mobile design office in Los Angeles proved that serious attention to the transition in design can be eco-friendly, cheap and stylish.
Before taking over the Carlson house, she invented a mobile device customized with flair.
IMobile, 20-
A flat-screen truck with six computer sites is a circuit lab designed to bring the latest technology to schoolchildren and seniors in rural areas.
Previous furniture eco-Lab
The mobile truck became a circuit classroom with walls made of corrugated metal and woven plywood.
Visit the children of the completed Eco Lab in 1998 to leave with saplings and plant them in the backyard.
Last time was Ms.
Siegal has completed a prototype of a portable house: a container with insulated plastic walls and recyclable bambooply floors.
The portable house is actually a box in a box.
Press a button, a built-in
In the hydraulic system, opening the box, such as the Jewelry earrings tray, can increase the living space by 10 feet.
The whole idea behind the portable house, lady.
Siegal said that the trailer park will be linked to 21-
Century aesthetics without sacrificing affordability.
I don\'t want to be famous for building houses for the rich, she said.
For this reason, Carlson\'s house, with pool and luxurious garden, was a departure for herSiegal.
It can be said to be a kind of construction affirmation.
\"It\'s just a very good way to show what a container can be,\" said the lady. Siegal said.
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