It doesn't matter if you can't afford a million Villas. You can build a romantic home with a container

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-07
【Abstract] Container houses are also the transformation of used containers, which are called houses like building blocks. They are not only short in construction period and low in cost, but also very strong. Once legalized, this is a big demolition country 'China [Demolition]'It is a good news for the hard-working young people. So they choose tap water pipe as the main material, this kind of material cost is very low, can be used for many years, not afraid of water, not afraid of heat, high pressure resistance, can be easily assembled together. It can be connected together without glue, and it is convenient to recycle and reuse. Humble abode King told you that it is not important that you cannot afford thousands of villas. You can build a romantic home with containers. Building a house with old containers is economical and environmentally friendly. As long as we deal with the problems of heat preservation and heat insulation, as a holiday cottage, the family space extends, and the temporary residence is perfect. Moreover, the material beauty of the container itself is also very popular with many architects, designers and artists. It is not only a guest room, but also a garden hut and a children's playroom. Architect Jim Poteet renovated it with old containers and is located in San Antonio, Texas. British Columbia- The cabin designed by based design studio, a 480 square foot residence, is fully armed and self-sufficient. Located in Rosneath Peninsula Park, this is an artist's residence, on a 60-acre hillside, with several containers welded together, green plants planted on the roof and three accommodation units. The architect designed Fernandez, located on a flat grassland in the village of Galicia, Spain. Insta designed by Maziar Behrooz- House art studio, located in Hampton, consists of four containers and covers an area of 960 square feet. It costs $99800 to build in a week. The container modular prefabricated room consists of containers, cedar wood paneling, double argon-filled windows, slate bathrooms and four different design schemes, ranging from US $40000 to US $135000. A pop-up hotel can be placed around the world according to demand. The hotel consists of seven old containers equipped with independent water systems and uses solar or wind energy. Once settled in a location, full load can be used for five hours. A bach vacation cottage, located in New Zealand, has old containers with wooden boards, A folding front platform and bunk beds. Architect Damith Premathilake's vacation cabin is located in Maduru, Sri Lanka. Auckland architect Dr. Stephen Shoup's family studio. An additional space was modified with containers. The first floor includes a 40-foot cabinet container to serve as an office and guest room (Shower area leads to backyard) And a 20-foot cabinet standard container for use as a kitchen. Both containers have a sinking area for changing shoes and a restaurant area above the ground.
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