Is the Detachable Container House Out of Date?


In today's era of pursuit of fast and convenient, many customers believe that the "demand value" of Detachable Container House in Container House is gradually declining.


In WELLCAMP Company, the main products and hot -selling products have a tendency to tilt into the Folding Container House and Expandable Container House.


In fact, not only suppliers, young customers in many places also put comfortably and conveniently in the important position of purchasing factors. Young people who can survive independently are more inclined to buy a set of expandable container house as their own house. The simple and fast installation of the folding container house has become a major advantage.




In recent years, there are many questions from the industry from the merchant level: Is the detachable container house really outdated?



Some people like convenient, some people like free design.


The detachable container house also has a very popular moment. On the one hand, the detachable container house is meeting the rigid needs of some people, and some special requirements, such as special requirements for size, indoor connected, multi -layered overlap, etc. Because the materials of the detachable container house were not installed in advance, the transportation space was greatly saved. A 40HQ ship container can load 15 sets in total. 


Expect many steps, detachable container house shows the advantage in installation process without any machines such as forklift and crane. The container house can be installed by hand and bolts. All the materials are separated in the factory and assembled in the local site.


The size of the container house has standard, which is 3M*6M, but it can also be customized.  You can design as your requirement and don't need to worry about the loading. Regarding the prefab detachable container house wall panel, it can be a flat shape sandwich panel or corrugated shape sandwich panel.


This time our Indian project detachable container house is a good case.


Customers require 10 container house, two floors, and do a large office in the middle connected, the stairs on the left. The four container house on the upper layer are made of glass walls, and a house of the lower layer is open. Doors and windows is also changed as our client’s like.


In this latest project, the detachable container house has completed such customized requirements and has received great praise from customers.


And compared to the price, detachable container house also occupy a certain advantage, so it is more economical. 


A few to ten sets of projects like this India project, it can not only meet the special requirements of customers, such as can be used as office, home, dormitories, and even wild, but also in terms of price economy. In terms of quality, it is firm and reliable.


The detachable container house is still a good business.


In the Indian project, which last 1 month to compete, the detachable container house played its advantages to the fullest. Therefore, in fact, the detachable container house is not outdated. On the contrary, it has always maintained its characteristics. It continues to shine when encountering suitable projects to achieve a win -win situation for customers and merchants.


Though detachable container house has it’s name, it can be very strong. Here are the martial used in WELLCAMP.

Open Size

5.9L*2.425W*2.8H (Empty house)  8sets/40HQ 

Steel structure

Galvanized steel


100mm Glass wool +Steel sheets


50mm EPS sandwich panel


18mm MGO board


UPVC double glass sliding window with security bar

System and technical describe the detachable container house is below.

So when compared with the traditional building, it is easy construction, low cost, time-saving and labor saving.

Light steel structures make the house can resisting heavy wind of 120km/h and 8 grade earthquake. It has good noisy insulation and heat insulation performance.

All the steel structure is painted and anti-rust which, can be used more than 20 years.

Environmental-friendly materials, the house can be assemble and disassemble about six times.

For experienced worker,it cost about 3 hours for 2 workers to install one set.


In a word, detachable container house is free design, various and strong.

Regardless of the free customization of the bulk box, or from the technical data level, the detachable container house is still not outdated, and it is still a good business.

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