Industrial style container house, build a unique container house

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-25
【Abstract] In recent years, one of the more and more important trends in sustainable development design is to reuse containers to build a building. Due to their convenient size, transport containers are very suitable for use in houses. Their attraction lies in their simplicity: you can receive containers one by one, then you can stack them together to create multiple interior rooms, or assemble them together to build larger rooms. Dweller shares the industrial style container house for you and builds a unique container house. This narrow three-story white building is located in a street in Brooklyn, USA. Its industrial style stands out from the traditional buildings around it and is unique. It is built by dislocation of a plurality of recycled white containers before and after, and the middle aisle connects each layer. The first floor retains the tailgate of the container, and the glass wooden door in the middle serves as the main entrance of the House; The front end of the second and third floors on the left side is cut open, and a small window is reserved on the side panel to create a small balcony. Glass doors and windows are installed in the middle aisle and balcony entrance, which improves the lighting permeability inside the house. The side plate of the container on the third floor on the right side was cut open, and the iron fence surrounded the container and planted some flowers and plants for use as an open garden. From the steel straight ladder next to it is the roof, and the roof reinforcement is used as the roof terrace. There are many tables, chairs and umbrellas on it. From here, you can enjoy the street view of the nearby city. Many container elements are retained in the House: Wave board ceiling, wave board wall, etc. The room has an open design and is fully equipped: beds, sofas, televisions, bathrooms, microwave ovens, etc. A wooden bookshelf was nailed on the wall to surround the TV set, and large windows were installed near the bed, from which light could penetrate, eliminating the narrow and closed space inside. A large number of wooden furniture adds a natural and simple feeling to industrial containers, making people feel relaxed and comfortable. The bathroom follows the design of the industrial wind, using the original pipes and other equipment as decoration, and the wooden windows make the inside and outside produce a good line of sight. The careful homeowner also placed a variety of interesting decorations in every corner, exquisite and warm. The container-type intelligent space also has the function of office. The hidden table can be pulled as a reception desk; The folding floor can be set up in the upper meeting room; The use of the upper bed can create a new office space; The bathroom can be a place for everyone to brainstorm; As well as outdoor meeting places, make its office function more perfect.
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