If you live in a house for a long time, try a container, 2018 creative container design

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-19
【Abstract] The folding container houses, which began to rise in recent years, originally came from abroad. The domestic folding houses are basically imitated and improved on the basis of foreign products, the price of this kind of container is more expensive than that of ordinary construction workers, so buying folding container houses still has great advantages. Generally, container villas are privately customized. Generally, the whole container Villa is calculated by how much money it costs, but by how much money it costs per square meter. Usually, the price of such container houses is not only related to materials, the price of container Villas is generally about 1000 yuan per square meter. 2018 creative container design, whose robot is this? Did you drop it here? Transformers-like containers have become small houses after being changed by designers. Can you sleep well when your family becomes like this? The containers placed symmetrically, the bottom layer is supported by a basic platform, and when they are enclosed by glass and steel frames, they become a modern industrial cabin. PUMA also loves containers. The PUMA Volvo sailing competition designated merchandise store is set up in a 40 feet long special steel structure shipping container. More and more electric syllables also love to make a nest in the container! Not only can houses be changed into containers, but temporary theme shops on the street also like to attract consumers with such activities, which is also a good publicity! Of course, what does it feel like to work in such an office? The living room and dining room are placed in the open air, the whole body is warm and the bedroom on the second floor is full of warmth and temperature. This is not a container, nor a house, it is a work of art! The three-dimensional composition, the interspersed space, let you want to go in and see ~ I think, working here, more motivated and energetic ~ The ultra-high floor height and transparent glass always have the feeling of living in the jungle like a princess. In the container hotel built by Poteet architect, the guest's room is usually small, but this design has living room, research area, bathroom and terrace. Ordinary containers, not ordinary materials. After turning on the light at night, wow ~ So bright, the color is so cool! Sleep in a container, raise a small pet, enjoy life with you! The industrial wind warehouse is obvious here with only one green element. Let's take a look at the container building with a larger scale. The building, which consists of 78 containers, makes greater use of its own mechanism and opens larger windows on the facade, created a huge continuous open space; The small opening on the facade is matched with the ventilation system and indoor lighting effects. Of course, the container transformation of small houses does not need such a large area. The simpler facade, the division of color blocks and planes form a minimalist Container house. If you like mint green, this container nest with a small corridor is your best choice. The famous Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan chose to integrate on a large scale, and the mixture of vibrant containers piled up throughout the living space. San Francisco has an open space attic. Jeff Wardell and Claudia sa place two containers. One container serves as a guest's house while the other serves as a fully functional home office. The container set up in the revolving atrium, is this going to take off? 4D and A Architects firm built A broader and cheaper house with more than 20 containers. In addition to the services provided by the structure, the use of space and the different angles of each container also make it more modern. Building a house with old containers is economical and environmentally friendly. As long as we deal with the problems of heat preservation and heat insulation, as a holiday cottage, the family space extends, and the temporary residence is perfect. Moreover, the material beauty of the container itself is also very popular with many architects, designers and artists.
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