How to transform the sales office for container production?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-24
How should the sales office for container production be reformed? 1. Protection method: Container Data is affected by the physical characteristics of its own metal structure, with strong heat conduction capability and poor heat preservation and insulation function, making the indoor thermal environment unstable, it is necessary to set up thermal insulation layer to control the indoor thermal environment. In the southern region, it is necessary to shade the container box to insulate the heat, which can save a sum of energy consumption; Other boxes are simply rusted, and the demand is to apply antirust paint inside and outside the container to prevent corrosion. One point that needs to be noticed is that in order to prevent the spread of diseases and insect pests during transportation, chromate, phosphorus or lead coatings are often used in some container paints produced, therefore, it is required to identify the origin of the box before making it a store. Only when some boxes are polished off the original remaining paint can they be used safely. 2. Standardized units: container construction is characterized by standardization of scale. Container construction units come from ready-made containers and are limited by the size of the existing containers. Most containers have a unified size limit on the external scale. Among the three commonly used scales, the net space that can be used is relatively narrow, the indoor height is low, and the horizontal space is narrow and long. Full consideration of ergonomics greatly affects the customer's experience and construction quality. You can stack several container boxes, but you should fully consider the structure and safety, not to mention opening up the vertical space and requiring a stronger structure to be stable. 3. Service life: the service life of containers in transportation is generally 10- After 15 years, the undamaged container box Selected still has outstanding physical functions and can generally be used for 15 years. If it is well maintained, it may be mixed with other structures such as concrete, can be more lasting ~ 4. Appearance: The good principle is that it can not only become an exquisite exhibit in the city, but also make customers see that the construction originated from containers, and its talent shows the atmosphere of novelty and art.
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