How to prevent corrosion in residential containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-14
When it comes to container maintenance for Wellcamp residents, one thing that has to be mentioned is anti-corrosion. However, it is such a simple word that it takes some energy to think of it. Today, let's talk about how to take anti-corrosion measures for container movable houses? Hot dip zinc production has a high degree of industrialization, long durability and stable quality. Therefore, many container movable houses are used in outdoor steel structures that are seriously corroded by the atmosphere and are not easy to repair. In recent years, many profiled steel plates in light steel structure systems have appeared. Residential containers are also more likely to use hot-dip zinc to prevent corrosion. The first process of hot dip zinc is pickling and derusting, followed by cleaning. These two processes are not complete will leave a danger to anti-corrosion. So it is necessary to deal with the whole. As for the designers of steel structure, it is necessary to prevent the design of the components with the matching surfaces, and avoid the incomplete pickling or the unclean acid washing in the gaps of the matching surfaces. The scene of yellow water flowing on the galvanized surface is formed. Hot dip zinc is carried out at high temperature. The coating depends on derusting, commonly used fluorocarbon coatings, and the anti-corrosion period is even as long as 50 years. Therefore, there are many outdoor steel structures used for indoor steel structures or relatively easy protection. It is a low cost, but used in the field when the protection cost is higher. The construction step of coating method is derusting. Therefore, the coating with high requirements usually requires sand blasting and shot peening to remove rust, revealing the luster of metal and removing all rust and oil stains. The coating of resident container on-site construction can be derusted manually. The choice of coating for container movable House should consider the surrounding environment. Different coatings have different tolerance to different corrosion conditions. The construction of the coating should have appropriate temperature and humidity. The construction environment of the coating should be less dust, and the appearance of the component should not have condensation. No rain shall be allowed within 4 hours after painting. The coating is usually made 4--5 times. In the seaside or at sea or in the atmosphere of intense corrosion, the total thickness of dry paint film can be thickened.
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