How to maintain the living container?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-07
How to maintain the Wellcamp living container? With paint maintenance, you can keep the original color, enhance the service life of the surface, so that it does not rot. Internal steel structure parts should pay attention to the wire, cable and other conductive equipment do not wind around the steel structure parts, in order to prevent the sentry box conductive wounding. Mainly do not use high-power electrical appliances in residential containers, and cut off the power supply during departure. When not in use, what should be paid attention to to to promote long-term use? In fact, the Sun is the root cause of damage. Direct sunlight on any object every day can hurt the object. Living containers are no exception, so be sure to pay attention to shading. After the installation of the resident container is completed, do not modify it without authorization, and do not disassemble any bolt components, and do not disassemble the wall. If you move, you must contact the manufacturer for moving operations. Protection in use: In use, it is mainly afraid of encountering obstacles during transportation and scratching the protective layer on the surface of the container, which is easy to be eroded and reduces the overall use cycle. Therefore, we must bypass some possible collision obstacles in transportation. After the installation is completed, do not modify it without authorization, and do not disassemble any bolt components, and do not disassemble the wall. If you want to move, you must contact the resident container manufacturer for moving operations. The acceptance of the movable house is fire-proof performance, mainly whether the wires in the House are hidden in the fire-proof pipes and whether the inner and outer two layers of iron sheets of the color steel sandwich panel are broken, do not expose the thermal insulation layer in the middle, etc. Use color steel plates with flame retardant effect, such as rock wool color steel plates, polyurethane color steel plates, etc. Check and accept the light, and there shall be no visible light gap after the wallboard, door, window and structural parts of the movable house are assembled. Whether the sliding and pulling of doors and windows are flexible or not, if there are any loose problems, it should be adjusted in time, and then the roof, doors and windows, walls and floors of the movable house should be checked. The floor of the living container must be 5 cm higher than that outside the house, and the drainage ditch must be repaired. When using the mobile room, do not disassemble the screws and parts at will. Do not change the structure of the mobile room at will, do not use open flames in the mobile room, pay attention to the movement when opening and closing the doors and windows, do not use too much force, and regularly carry out maintenance work such as rust removal, painting and renovation of the mobile room. In this way, the service life of the house can be greatly improved. Generally, do not set up a toilet in the mobile room. If it is set up, pay attention to anti-corrosion and waterproof.
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