How to judge the construction quality of residential containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-26
Wellcamp living container is a kind of temporary and mobile living place. Most of the reasons for its appearance are caused by the shortage of houses. It often appears in construction sites or outdoors, or disaster areas from when people live in dormitories. People are very concerned about the quality of container-type movable houses when they are used. After all, they are living places. After all, no one wants to find the 'house' scattered in the middle of the night, today, I will introduce to you how to identify the quality of container-type movable houses. First of all, from the appearance, observe the thickness of the substrate and peritoneum, generally the thicker the thickness of the living container board house, the better the quality and the longer the service life. The substrate thickness of color steel plate with good quality is 0. 025 ~ 0. 055mm; The thickness of peritoneum with good quality is 0. Within 155mm. Some color steel plate manufacturers are eager to reduce the production cost of color steel plates by reducing the thickness of the base plate and peritoneum, which not only deceives customers, but also makes the personal safety of the board room users irresponsible. Secondly, carefully observe whether the internal material processing at the section of the outer leakage edge of the color steel plate is fine crystallization and whether there are impurities such as darkening. Color steel plate is also made of raw materials. If there are other impurities, it is indicated that inferior raw materials are used. Moreover, the color steel plate will make a loud and crisp metal sound after tapping with fingers or hard objects. Check whether there is a quality certificate label when the color steel plate enters the site. The above steps are the way to identify the quality of residential containers, hoping to be helpful to everyone in actual use.
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