How to improve the comfort of living containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-03
At present, domestic housing prices are very high, and many places are building containers as houses, which can save costs and manpower, but many people will think about the comfort of living containers in Wellcamp, how to improve? The following is a brief introduction. 1. The thermal insulation layer should be suitable compared with traditional residential construction. The thickness of the container is thinner, and the metal has thermal conductivity, so the convenience of heat insulation is weaker than that of traditional construction. Then, in order to improve the comfort of living, when building a house with a craft container, it is necessary to make a good insulation layer and use high-quality insulation materials, so that we can ensure that we feel warm in winter and cool in the house. 2. The position of doors and windows should be reasonable and gorgeous light and outstanding air environment are necessary conditions for comfortable days. Therefore, in order to improve the comfort of living containers, when we are building, we will open the doors and windows in a reasonable position. Generally, the ambition is to open the window from the north to the south. Not only is there sunshine in the House, it can also prevent the indoor temperature from being too high due to long-term sun exposure, and the windows facing north and south are more conducive to ventilation. 3, do not do open kitchen we want to make the living container more comfortable, do not set an open kitchen, but also pay attention to planning a reasonable smoke exhaust pipe, in order to prevent the smoke from spreading indoors, the indoor furniture and clothes are contaminated with the smell of lampblack. In addition, it is also necessary to use pipes with high sealing performance and air leakage in the kitchen.
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