How to decorate container movable house?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-24
Wellcamp container movable house is a kind of movable board house. This kind of living container mobile house is mainly rented from the construction site to the workers, and there are also some private purchases and rentals. The biggest advantage of living container mobile House is that it is cheap and introduces advanced modern home design concepts, an integrated movable house made of steel plate, sandwich panel, Bolt, aluminum fittings, concrete, wood, ceramic tile, glass, paint and other materials through standard technological process, it has the characteristics of ready-to-use, anytime, anywhere, recycling, recycling, safety, environmental protection, beauty, economy, quickness, high efficiency, etc. 1. Insulation layer: the interior decoration of the container movable house is actually not complicated. As long as it has been decorated, it will be done. Compared with ordinary houses, because the wall of the container mobile House is very thin, the biggest difference in the decoration of the container mobile House is to add a layer of insulation layer in the wall, the insulation layer of ordinary container movable house on the construction site is only a thin layer of rock wool with tin foil, just like rolled cotton. If we want the container movable house to have better heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation effects, we can use thicker and denser rock wool boards, provided that fire prevention is required. Then put a decorative plate on the inside of the wall, and the decorative plate is fixed with a nail gun. 2. Water and electricity installation: changing water and electricity is also an important step in the interior decoration of container movable houses, just like the decoration of family houses. The electric wire is also made of insulated pp pipes, and an electric switch box must be installed in the middle of the wall and on the wall of the container movable house. The water pipe is also installed in advance. These must be completed before renovation. 3. Interior decoration if you want to make the interior decoration of container movable house more beautiful, you have to lay a layer of floor leather and wood floor conditionally. For the ceiling of the container activity room, you can use cheap pvc, you can also buy an integrated ceiling, and you can buy some good-looking ceiling lamps. The window frames and door frames of high-grade container movable houses must also be made and must be covered. Choosing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows will make the container movable house more classy. In addition, negative corners and skirting lines must be installed for container movable houses. Because the interior wall panels are spliced one by one, the joints are decorated with sealing strips and the gaps are covered. 4. The exterior decoration of the container movable house is mainly the top. It can be welded into a top with four slopes and five ridges with colored steel tiles and square steel, or it can be made into a European-style pointed top. The color of the container movable house can be painted with paint as you like. The first layer of antirust paint, or epoxy resin, the second layer is colored paint, and the outermost layer is brushed with a layer of topcoat, to keep the color of the house longer.
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