How to achieve heat insulation effect in residential containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-15
As the temperature rises, the living containers are exposed to the sun for a day. Even if air-conditioning fans and other cooling appliances are installed inside, the heat preservation effect of the containers is not good, so we should start at the source, effectively realize the heat insulation effect of Wellcamp residential containers. How to do the heat insulation effect? With black steel plate, the inside is polystyrene foam, after processing into a new type of building materials, such materials have a high thermal insulation effect. When residential containers are built, the thickness of foam is increased to play a good role in heat preservation. Rock wool also has certain heat insulation effect. At present, the domestic temporary construction industry is different from region to region. The market with great demand for movable houses is the temporary construction of the construction industry and urban rail transit construction sites, it is used in workers' dormitories, offices, canteens and warehouses. In the past, the Northern Region used simple sheds built with small angle steel tents, and then improved to 2- A cement slab house consisting of 3 layers of small angle steel bars and cement slabs; A shed made of bamboo in the South; And the multi-purpose container-type movable house that needs Field open-air operation for a long time. As a temporary building, residential containers are used in many construction sites. At the same time, with the improvement of design and manufacturing level, the safety and comfort of movable houses are gradually improved, the use concept of movable houses has gradually been recognized by the society, and the utilization rate has greatly increased.
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