How should container movable houses be maintained?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-01
After the container mobile house is bought, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance because of the use of the problem, and the maintenance of the container mobile House is also inevitable. In order to better maintain the container mobile House, Wellcamp container mobile House manufacturers suggest that you should do the following: first, in the future after the completion of the container mobile House installation, residents must remember not to dismantle and change without permission, even any screws on it should not be disassembled privately. You cannot add or reduce partition walls by yourself. If it has to be replaced, it should also be approved and agreed by the manufacturer before making the change. Second, because container movable houses are usually connected with steel structures as a whole, wires should not be bound in steel structures when residents use electricity to set lighting equipment. If you want to set up the device, you should set up a barrier conduit and a trunking before the device works, so as to avoid the occurrence of electric shock and leakage accidents. Third, rust removal and painting should be carried out regularly. This is the foundation of the maintenance work of the container mobile House. Generally, painting can be done once in a year or two, which can also make the house more beautiful and beautiful. Fourth, in the container mobile room, use less or no open fire stoves and high-power electrical appliances. In addition, if there is a floor in the room, do not perform strenuous movements such as running and jumping upstairs, most of these activities can cause damage to the house.
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