How long is the service life of residential containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-12
Residential container is a convenient tool, which can play a role in many aspects, such as as a tool for transportation and loading, or building residential houses. However, while bringing convenience, it not only causes many people to think about the life span of container houses, this problem has undoubtedly become one of the references for those who want to choose this product. The residential container building with good materials has no problem for 30 years, and the life span with poor quality is only about 2 years. For example, the construction site is a common use area for containers. The residential container mobile room at the construction site is simple and convenient, and there is not much requirement for the decoration and comfort of the house. Just need the wind to block the rain, sleep at night. Under this condition, the life of container houses is short, and within 5 years, they are already very shabby. Before understanding the life of container houses, we should first have a comprehensive understanding of the types of containers. At present, there are two categories of container houses on the construction site: one is the common containers on the market. The white color steel plate is used as the wall panel and roof slab, and the skeleton is welded with channel steel and square steel. The size of each house is 18 square meters. The workmanship is relatively simple and there is no need to decorate. Since such temporary houses have appeared in the market for only 5 or 6 years, you can go and have a look. If you use them for more than 2 years, they have seriously faded, doors and windows, handles and windows will be damaged to varying degrees. One kind is the blue tin case which is very similar in appearance to the shipping container. Because it is also used by the workers on the construction site, the materials are not much better. This kind of living container is simple to make, and the material is also Ordinary. After the baptism of wind and rain, the life of natural use will not be too long.
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