How is the design of residential movable house reasonable?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-18
Houses built with containers have different aesthetic feelings and can be designed into different geometric shapes to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumer groups. However, living containers are still very different from traditional buildings. In our production and use, we often encounter customers asking how to better improve the comfort of living containers, today, Xiao Bian introduces three ways to improve the comfort of Wellcamp movable house. 1. The location of the window should be reasonable sunshine and good air is a necessary condition for a comfortable life, therefore, in order to improve the comfort of the living container, we need to open the window in a reasonable position when designing. It is usually better to open the window from north to south. This can not only let the House have the sun to shine, but also to avoid a long time to expose to the west, resulting in the activity room indoor temperature is too high, and the north and south windows are more conducive to ventilation. 2. Compared with traditional buildings, the thickness of movable houses is thinner, the metal has thermal conductivity, and the degree of thermal insulation convenience is worse than that of traditional buildings. Then, in order to improve the comfort of life, use the container to build the house, do a good job of insulation layer, use high-quality insulation materials to ensure that everyone in the house feels warm in winter and cool in summer. 3. Do not do open kitchen if you want to live in a living room more comfortable, try not to set up an open kitchen, but also pay attention to the reasonable exhaust pipe design, in order to avoid indoor lampblack, the indoor furniture and clothes are tarnished by the smell of lampblack. In addition, high sealing and leak pipes can be placed in the kitchen. At present, many places purchase containers to build houses, which can save construction costs and construction cycles. However, in order to make their life more comfortable, on the one hand, we need to purchase residential containers directly provided by high-quality factories; On the other hand, we need to design a reasonable window, kitchen, and pay attention to do a good job of insulation measures.
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