How important is the maintenance of residential containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-11
From the perspective of structure, the living container of Wellcamp is welded structure, while the ordinary temporary housing is nested structure, and the wallboard and roof are all C- shaped channel steel. The workers at the construction site were scared by the stormy weather. The container activity room made the workers feel at ease! In terms of decoration, the floor, ceiling, water and electricity facilities of the container movable house are integrated with the box and will not leave any garbage. It can be seen that container movable houses are more environmentally friendly than movable board houses. Its reliability and practicability are trustworthy. The importance of residential container maintenance? After the completion of the living container mobile House, the living container is recommended not to change the structure of the mobile House at will, even if you think it needs to be changed, because this is an integrated structure, removing a small screw may have a great impact on the overall structure. Don't disassemble anything casually. If a screw is found to fall, it can be tightened in time. A little neglect is likely to cause the overall structure to collapse, so don't ignore any small details. If you really think there is a problem with this structure and don't make your own decision, you can contact the construction personnel at that time, ask them for advice, and then deal with it after obtaining their opinions, or make a perfect plan, otherwise the consequences will need to be borne by oneself. Where should we start if the living container wants to live for extended use? 1. The steel layout of the living container system is connected to the whole building. The user is placed with electrical lighting equipment. The wires cannot be directly tied to the steel layout. A conduit or a trunking barrier device should be set to prevent electric shock. 2. After the device of the resident container is intact, the user shall not change the layout privately, shall not disassemble any bolt components, and shall not add or reduce the partition wall. If the demand is changed, it shall be changed after negotiation with our factory. The movable plank house is mainly made up of all the steel components, so it is necessary to carry out necessary protection tasks such as rust removal, painting and innovation at regular intervals. Ordinary should be in 1- Protect the paint once every 2 years, so that you can stick to the beauty and make the mobile room colorful.
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