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How Fast Can You Set Up A Folding Container House?


Container homes have become quite fashionable in the 21st century, most of all probably because they seem eco-friendly. Hundreds of metal containers have been used just a couple of times before being abandoned in ports and other places all over the world. This modern architectural idea might be perfect to re-using those containers which are still in a perfectly good state.

Furthermore, a few companies have developed container houses which can actually fold. That makes it easier to put the pieces together and structure installation could take as little as a few minutes. Our company could be the right choice to help.

Duration of Setting Up a Folding Container House

Depending on the size you wish for the home of your dreams, duration of setting it up will vary accordingly. For larger homes, it can take months, same as with traditional brick and cement houses. That’s perfectly normal, as it involves a lot of architectural work.

With a folding container house, you might just get lucky. Once you’ve decided on its location, you’ll need to get information from the local Council, to find out if permits are needed to set up this kind of house. If not, you’ve just skipped a few weeks of waiting.

Also, setting up a house foundation can be cut short. Since the purpose of folding homes is for them to be easily moved, you’ll just need a plain concrete base for it. Dealing with that can take a few days, only because the work needs to dry out.

If you’d like a particular design, you could send it to us for production. Once you’ve placed an order for your folding container house, production and delivery shouldn’t take longer than two to four weeks. Setting up the house itself is really fun to watch.

Our team can fully bring up the structure of your house in just four minutes. A crane will be used in the process. The top part, or roof, is slowly lifted, while the lateral, wider walls are unfolding. Then, the other two side walls are added to complete the shape. Usually, these are the ones that include a door and windows.

Afterwards, depending on the contractors, a few days should be enough to add the finishing touches. These include a couple of days to put in a plumbing system and electrical installments. Then, after thorough clean up, you’ll quickly be able to move in your personal stuff and start living in your new, technologically modern home.

If you ever decide to give up on this folding container house, maybe sell it or just take it with you to a different location, bringing it down is just as easy. The process will also use a crane and will be the complete reverse of pulling the structure up.


Costs of a Folding Container House

Building a container home can be affordable, but it really depends on the size and number of containers you need, and most of all on little modifications that make it livable.

When talking about folding container house price, this can vary anywhere between 2,000$ and 7,000$. It sounds quite cheap, but that’s because, until now, the folding versions are only available for smaller homes. Bigger ones, based on huge shipping metallic structures, can cost up to 80,000$.

Unfortunately, costs never stop after the walls of a home are up. You’ll need to take care of plumbing, which usually adds up to a few thousand dollars. The same deal happens with electrical work. Depending on the size of the home, you might want to add in a bed, maybe a table, some drawers, which again, could cost a few hundreds.

Depending on your container of choice, insulation and proper flooring work could be required as well. Usually, with a folding container house, you won’t be thinking too much of foundation. Because, what would be the point of it folding then? Only a bit of concrete will be needed to keep its base stable against wind or earthquakes, which could cost as little as 500$. With homes like this one, you could pack your home and move every once in a while.

Also, our company offers resistant materials for these folding homes, which can guarantee a lifespan of 10 years. We promise fireproof houses, but also protection during various types of weather, as the walls are waterproof too. When inquiring for a folding container house price , make sure to learn about assembly costs as well.


Perks of Container Houses

Structure materials such as their steel frames and sandwich panel walls make folding container houses resistant and affordable.

You could have a new place to stay in no time, including getting local Council permits and a few weeks for the delivery.

The actual setting up of the house takes a few minutes and it’s done by lifting up its wall structure with a crane.

They’re completely fireproof and waterproof, which makes them safe and comfortable.

It’s not necessary to live or sleep in it, you can use your foldable container as an office.

In case you want to get creative, order more of these and place them side by side. This way, each family member can have his or her own personal container, adding up to a proper house.

They’re easy to disassemble and you can change location with them anytime. That’s what makes them perfect for construction teams, moving to different places for various new work projects.

Quick set up allows them to be used by national organizations as shelters for victims of natural disasters, or for refugee situations.


Downsides of Container Houses

It’s fair to admit that living space in a folding container house is quite small and might not suit everyone’s taste on a permanent basis. But surely they’ll be soon adapted to become larger homes.

Even though most winds won’t blow them over, it can get quite noisy inside a folding container house. Depending on wall thickness, you might add more insulation later on.

They won’t last 50 years or more, like a brick house. On the other hand, they’re cheaper and easily replaceable.


Quick Conclusion

Container homes are comfortable and quick to build, becoming safe spaces for individuals to live or work. Also, the folding container house price is quite affordable and what you get is a room built up in minutes.

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