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by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2022-06-10
In addition to loading various goods, standard containers can also carry out transportation operations of different models. In addition to understanding the carrying standards of different models, effective fixing operations are also required to ensure the safety of vehicles during transportation. Below we will Let's discuss how to fix various standard containers when they are loaded with different vehicles. First: when loading and fixing small cars and trucks, standard containers are used for loading and fixing of small cars or trucks, generally sealed containers are used for loading, and ropes are used to fasten the car according to different receiving requirements. Use the tie rings on the standard container to tighten the vehicle, and then nail the square wood into a wooden frame and put it under the wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling. Second: the loading and unloading and fixing operations of the forklift. When loading the forklift, the forklift is usually removed and then packed in the box for transportation, and the bottom of the box should be lined with pads to prevent the forklift from wearing. Finally, place a square wooden bar under the wheel to fix it from rolling, and finally use the tie ring at the bottom of the standard container to fix the vehicle with a wire rope. Third: The loading and fixing operation of bulldozers and road rollers is generally carried out when loading heavy vehicles such as bulldozers or road rollers, only one pallet can be installed, and in order to prevent slippage during loading, special attention should be paid to whether the vehicle's straps are in the standard On the lower side beam of the container, when loading heavy-duty vehicles, the bottom of the container is generally covered with thick wooden boards, and then the crane is used to load from the top. Fourth: The loading and fixing operation of tractors and other vehicles The loading of tractors is relatively simple. It is only necessary to pay attention to the concentrated load problem when loading standard containers, and use square wooden strips, wooden wedges and wire ropes for corresponding fixing. That's it. The above is the specific fixing operation of standard containers when they are installed with various vehicles. It can be seen that during the loading process of vehicles, attention must be paid to standard fixing to ensure the safe transportation of vehicles. Professional standard containers also have corresponding fixing facilities when loading different goods. Vehicles of different sizes are given effective fixing measures to ensure the safe delivery of goods to their destinations.
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