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How can WELLCAMP help Turkey after earthquake --7 days build a city


Till February 6, Türkiye had two 7.8 magnitude earthquakes with a focal depth of 20 km the strong earthquake has killed more than 7700 people in both countries.  The most important thing for disaster relief is timely. It is an urgent requirement for people who are threatened by disasters to have a safe and stable shelter that can protect from wind and rain. The biggest fecture of WELLCAMP is fast and easy, which can main shows in its 3 main types of products, folding container house , tiny expandable container house and expandable container house.

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What Can we Do?

WELLCAMP can use Folding container house to build accomerdation for people, Expandable container house for medical relief station, Tiny expandable container house for storage and tool rooms. As a company dedicated in prefab house industry for many years, WELLCAMP has many experience in helping rebuilding after disaster. By providing relief housing, affordable house/home, economic house and emergency houses, WELLCAMP has helped home and abroad to build refugee houses, like in Mid-east, Africa, Turkey, Sichuan China after earthquake,fires, floods and war. WELLCAMP even participated in building anti-epidemic cabin hospital.


What we did?

In 2016, the fifth anniversary of the Kumamoto earthquake in Kyushu, Japan, in order to remember the victims and promote earthquake relief, the WELLCAMP folding container house landed in Japan and was warmly welcomed by the market. In the program, reporters and staff installed and displayed on site, and the installation was completed in 7 minutes. The installation is fast and convenient, and only two people can complete it.



What differents?

Compare to traditinal building container house is fast and easy. You many need more than half a month to build a cement building, but just one month, our factory can produce hundreds of container house. Whats more, when it arrived at the place, it just need few mins to finish the installation, so thats why we say 7 days, we build a house.

All of these 3 types of these container houses have 20 years life time, when the disaster passed, it can used at other place as well. To use it for living house, accommodation, office and tool room. Folding and tiny container house can used for single person and expandable container house can help who have family.


What Options/Solutions

Folding Container House--As the main product of wellcamp, the folding container is constantly updated and upgraded by the technical innovation team. The folding container house design standard is produced in accordance with higher international standards and specifications. The size: Width (2.5 M) x Length (5.8 M) x Height (2.6 M), like 20ft container. When it is folded, the height is only 350 mm. 100% folding helps to transport. 

At present, it has reached the wind and earthquake resistance design, which can withstand earthquakes of magnitude 8 and typhoons of 120 kilometers per hour. Especially in the roof waterproof measures, we use the most advanced bayonet connection method to ensure that the roof is 100% waterproof. This improved technology has been highly recognized by customers with strict quality control in Europe, America and Japan. Facts have proved that the innovation and quality of wellcamp has reached the leading position in China's prefabricated container housing industry.



WELLCAMP Tiny expandable container house --It is 2.3*4.6*2.5H, which is 10.5 square meter. its installation is very easy and fast. The initial of its design is for emergency. So it is also called emergency house. Aid organization could put one or two steel bunk bed in it them it can become a living house for the homeless people. This refugee house as the same with folding container house, including the electric inside and one 40HQ can load 20 units, which is very suitable for bulk purchase to help the people in disaster.


    Expandable container house-- hot sale in WELLCAMP can make the refugee people feel more comfortale and feel like living in a home. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom, including the electric and water pipe. If needed, we can provide kitchen cabinet for them. The house is 36m2, 5.8m*6.3m, so it also have space for living room to put tables and chairs. Both tiny expandable contaienr house and expandable container house can bear 200kg/m2, grade 10 wind resistance, grade 8 earthquake resistance and grade B1 fire resistance.



    Wellcome to connect!

With a slogan of 7 days, we build a city. and owns the biggest factory in this industry, WELLCMAP has concidence and strength to help the countriues who are suffered earthquaker now. We are all committed to helping the Turkish people rebuild. If you are interested in our products, you can place an order as soon as possible or you have any requirement. Wellcome to connect us!  


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