How can movable houses play a role in earthquakes?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-18
Application of Wellcamp movable house in earthquake. At present, geological disasters are more and more frequent in our country. General buildings cannot achieve better seismic effect, which is also why many buildings collapse when disasters come. The movable houses on the market are generally built with steel structure as the main material, or use the container construction raw material, which is mainly because the container built with steel has been recognized by people, can play a good stable effect, so that the movable house can have the original good characteristics. It is precisely because of the good seismic effect that it is seen that when natural disasters occur, movable houses often become an important factor in earthquake relief. The main frame part of the movable house is built with relatively hard steel grooves, which increases its shock resistance to a certain extent, other words are made by welding steel plates with a thickness of more than five centimeters, which has a large bearing capacity. This is to prevent emergencies and to ensure safety. Corresponding to the traditional building activity House as a house that can also live, the seismic effect will be much better. According to many related tests, its seismic resistance can reach about 5 to 7 levels. Another is that general buildings have several floors, so that once an earthquake occurs, the longer the floor is, the more unsafe it is, and when it is generally built, we recommend not to exceed two floors, so that when the disaster comes, the damage is reduced.
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