How can container movable houses be fireproof?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-29
Wellcamp container mobile House, this kind of building has replaced the traditional work shed. As people use it more and more, the safety problem of mobile board house is exposed to people's life, especially in terms of fire, so now manufacturers should pay more attention to the quality of container houses when producing products, and we should also pay attention to fire prevention when living, and the two should cooperate, in order to change the security problem from existence to nothing. First, the fire prevention principle of carefully selecting the manufacturing materials is still important for the manufacturing materials of the container movable house. It adopts foam color steel plates that are not easy to burn and has quite good flame retardant performance, the material itself does not produce toxic gases and is very safe to use. Apart from foam color steel plate containers, there are also aluminum alloy containers, which have the advantages of light weight, beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion, good elasticity, convenient processing, low processing and repair costs, long service life, and steel containers, the advantages are high strength, strong structure, high weldability, good watertightness and low price. The advantages of glass steel containers are high strength, good rigidity and large content area, heat insulation, anti-corrosion, good chemical resistance, easy cleaning, easy repair, etc. Second, please do not weld the wall near the container movable house in the way of fire prevention. Fire prevention equipment should be installed for heating stoves in winter. For container movable houses requiring waterproof treatment, it is forbidden to use blowtorch on House data. When laying the indoor lines of the container mobile plank house, metal pipes should be selected, and grounding or refractory pipes should be selected. Casing should also be added for protection when other requirements pass through the wall. Fire is a common occurrence on the construction site, so fire prevention is a very big challenge for the container movable house in the construction site dormitory, choosing a regular mobile board house manufacturer and doing a good job in fire prevention measures in the process of use greatly reduce the damage caused by fire.
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