How can container movable houses avoid collapse?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-02
In the past two years, the movable houses used on the construction site have shown a collapse incident, which has brought us serious incidents. How can the movable houses prevent the collapse incident? In order to give everyone a comfortable environment, the following Wellcamp container mobile House manufacturers introduce this problem, hoping to help more people. 1. It is necessary for the construction unit of container movable house to have corresponding technical qualifications, and it is necessary for legal enterprises to have detailed construction plans. In this way, we can ensure the construction technology level of the movable house. 2. Starting from the original information of the activity room, don't cut corners for the sake of saving money for a while. To ensure the quality of movable house components, color steel plates, beams and columns, bolts, in the construction process, such as the quality of components, bolts and beams, should be replaced immediately. 3. Clear ownership of safety responsibilities, contract handling of standard movable house from construction to account of the whole process. The responsibilities and details of each process should be clearly stated beside the contract from the process of undertaking, data entry, construction and explanation of the movable house. 4. Clarify the correct use according to the use of movable houses. For example, the load capacity of the second-floor movable house, the rules can accept a few people, do not exceed the constraints, otherwise it will simply collapse. 5. When installing the movable house, it is necessary to control the construction load of the roof, floor, channel, etc. , and it is forbidden to exceed the planning drawings and corresponding standard requirements. This will add the acceptance ability of the movable house. 6. Check the quality of the container mobile House every year to see if the supported bars are rusty or are now aging.
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