Highly adaptable container showroom, container showroom that can be reconfigured in any space

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-08
【Abstract] As the container itself has become a shining big window, the concept of architectural designers is no longer a cold and high-grade image, but to meet the psychological needs of different exhibitors, to achieve 'expert doorway, amateur Watch '. The entity model of the scheme is placed horizontally in a modified container, breaking the inherent way of interpreting super high-rise buildings, so that every detail in the scheme can be interpreted at close range, combined with the application of 45 mirror surface, the information of the four facades of the whole building is compressed to one display surface of the container, forming a two-dimensional visual feast. This is a container office Display project, covering the appearance of a 20-foot box with another layer of wood. Canadian design studio SDI used a booth that imitated giant DIY toys to show the WRKKIT concept to IDS Toronto's adaptive office. WRKKIT's flexible office system was shown at the fair earlier this month, packed in a container and looked like a huge parts kit. Based on the local SDI design, prototypes have been created to demonstrate the potential of its modular workplace furniture, which is designed to be highly adaptable and easy to reconfigure for any space. The project is with Microsoft and giant container companies ( Giant Containers)Cooperation. There are introverts and extroverts, people with right or left brain, tall and short. However, many workplace designs still mainly use 'one size fits all' solutions. 'To demonstrate the different configurations provided by WRKKIT, installation changes are made on IDS every three hours. This allows visitors to see moving parts, including colorful parts such as folding tables, seats, storage units, kitchen utensils, sliding partitions, etc. , being transferred to the surroundings to form various settings. They noticed that due to the flexibility of the new space, they became more efficient in the new space. Employees use the studio in a completely different way, that is, a single-scale solution does not work. The team worked with Microsoft to develop a personality test for potential WRKKIT users. The answer to a series of questions determines one of the seven possible ways of working, which will benefit from a specific configuration. Stacking is a small display space transformed by containers. Through stacking, interlacing, stretching and other actions, simple rectangular volumes are combined into diverse and flexible spaces. This project falls down in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. The upper and lower layers of the building are arranged vertically, with one end forming a cantilever and one end forming a terrace, resulting in richer functional zones. The two layers overlap to remove the floor, forming a through atrium and introducing natural light.
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