From what aspects do you choose to rent residential containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-19
In the eyes of ordinary people, container trailers cannot be moved, and the government does not have any support for the rental of residential containers; However, in the view of some experts, residential container rental will greatly ease the contradiction between the current high housing prices and a large number of social demands. The following is a discussion on which aspects should we start with when choosing to rent a living container. 1. Starting from the container materials, the living container mobile house is mainly composed of the channel steel of the frame and the ceiling sandwich plate. The two materials directly determine the quality when the Wellcamp container is selected for rent. The materials in the rental of professional and reliable residential containers are reliable, and their containers can be stacked on three floors to withstand greater pressure. Manufacturers sell this kind of mobile House to give consumers greater protection and are widely welcomed by renters. 2. Starting from the thickness of channel Steel, the surface difference of most living container houses is not large, but the different thickness of channel steel makes the container tolerance different, thus affecting the living comfort of the house. Channel steel with insufficient thickness is easy to bend when receiving pressure, and the house is deformed, thus affecting its service life. In the long-term lease process, problems such as deformation and collapse are easy to occur, which may endanger the safety of the lessor. Therefore, there should be a certain standard when choosing residential containers for rent, starting with channel steel with appropriate thickness. 3. Starting from the type of white box, the living container is divided into white top white box and iron top white box. The quality of the color steel sandwich panel is the first thing people should look at when choosing the lease. At present, the data of the color steel sandwich panel on the market is mixed, the thickness of steel plates used for container trailers and prefabricated houses varies greatly for different purposes. In the residential container rental, the white box must be made of special container color steel sandwich panel to reassure consumers.
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