Folding Container Houses can help in many ways!


Folding Container Houses can Help in Many Ways!


WELLCAMP is devoted to make good Folding Container Houses.


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GUANGDONG WELLCAMP STEEL STRUCTURE & MODULAR HOUSING CO., LTD, Located in Zhao Qing city, Guangdong province, China, is one of the most powerful enterprises of steel structure, Folding Container Houses, prefabricated houses, light steel villas, container homes and different proposed house.


We WELLCAMP offer a series of container houses including Folding Container Houses, prefabricated K house, prefabricated T house, container villas, mobile containers, light steel structure buildings, guard and so on. There are many uses for our houses, which can be living house, hospital, canteen, hotel, school, office, villa, refugee house, toilet etc.


The timely help from Folding Container Houses: We all know that, during these 2 years, the COVID-19 which is a very contagious virus and one of the greatest disasters in human history has affected people’s work and life. And there’s a hard truth that People suffer from the COVID-19 need to be isolated observation coming with the disaster. Since the hospital has limited place, the demand for provisional domicile and refugee house has been skyrocketed. During the time, our Folding Container Houses have offered a timely help and became our top product, as the Folding Container Houses only need short time to build up with a crane and have both good waterproof and fireproof as well.


A prefab labor camp project in Saudi Arabia: This is a prefab labor camp project built entirely from a combination of Folding Container House. The project was completed in Saudi Arabia. The total area is 3000 m². The choice of Folding Container House which is in flexibility and mobility can significantly shorten the construction period. The construction period of Folding Container House is only about 10 minutes. Saudi is hot and dry, so we can use the hot and dry resistance sandwich panel for the roof and wall in our Folding Container Houses.

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Q&A, more details of WELCAMP and our products:

Q: Did you have experiences cooperating with governments?

A: We are experienced to cooperate with governments. We had cooperated projects owned by Maldives Government, Indian Government, Indonesian Government, East Timor Government, Philippines Government, Saudi Arabian Government and so on.

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For instance, according to the above photos, this project was for refugee houses. At the end of last year, people in Philippine were deeply affected by typhoon. The regional office of the Ministry of health has distributed 31 million pesos worth of drugs and medical supplies to the affected provinces. In the case of needed, the Philippine Government could have ordered a number of Folding Container Houses from our factory for the disaster area as temporary housing and rescue base.


Q: What are your house materials?

A: The main steel structures we use are square tube, “C” section steel, “H” section steel, and angle steel. The wall and roof materials can be waterproof EPS Sandwich panel, fireproof rock wool panel, well insulated PU panel, or cement boards. These materials are durable and can be used for multiple years.


Q: How is your after-sales service?

A: The main after-sales service are as follows:

1. Any questions, welcome to contact us. 24 hours are available for you.

2. One order, one special person to follow the whole production.

3. For the house install, we will give the client the install drawing. Due to the current epidemic situation, we can't arrange engineers to go abroad to help with installation, but we will provide all installation video or other graphic contents to let customers know clearly. We will also inform the matters needing attention and details of installation in advance, and follow up the whole process of installation.

4. We will take the photos and videos of the products before loading. And we will confirm everything with our client is okay then to arrange the shipment.


Moreover, we still have a lot of other products for camps. You can always find a camp in WELLCAMP who are devoted to make it good and better.

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