Extended container room design, multi-function partition control

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-18
【Abstract] The containers in the expanded container-type mobile House are restructured on the basis of standard containers. The standard container side corrugated board is replaced by a foldable enclosure board, and the enclosure board, the enclosure board and the container column are connected by hinges, and the enclosure board can be pulled out to form an extended structure through the Foundation beams on both sides of the box body, add roof truss and roof panel to form an extended container type mobile House. Dwelling dwelling King shares the design of extended container guest rooms with multiple functions and partition control. Overall the container framework plate 'with weather glass fiber reinforced plastic composite sandwich panel. The interior is decorated with luxury and the space is clear and comfortable. It is divided into three areas: leisure area, bathroom and kitchen. The hydraulic full-automatic expansion system is installed as a whole, equipped with solar energy and storage batteries, which can meet the all-weather normal operation of lighting, water pumps, air conditioners and other electrical appliances, as well as various furniture and electrical appliances. Product Size: 5800*4530*3900 (Size can be customized) Product Use: reception room, exhibition room, office, room expansion front box size is 5800*2200*2500 can be loaded into a 20-foot shipping cabinet, shipped to all parts of the world. After expansion, the size of the box body is 5800*4530*3900, and the space on the inner surface after expansion is clear and comfortable. Luxury decoration functional area is divided into rest area, kitchen area and bathroom area. The stress of the box under different working conditions is simulated and calculated respectively, and the stress and displacement under different working conditions are obtained. When the container is lifted at a constant speed, one end of the wire rope is connected with the four packing legs on the top surface of the box body, and the other end is hung on the crane, and the wire rope is restrained by the hook. Let the distance between the hook and the top surface of the box be 115 m, and the load dynamic coefficient is 112 when lifting. The quality and deformation of the wire rope are not considered in the calculation (Simulation with multi-point constraints).
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