Everyone needs to have a 'small container house' that allows you to escape at any time'

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-13
【Abstract] Because the House is relatively small, the wooden house takes storage space as the priority and packs all the things that customers need in a small 20 feet square meter house with wheels. The interior of the wooden house is blue and white with a wooden tone. Opposite the kitchen is a foldable table that can be used as a dining table and additional kitchen countertop space. When you enter the house, you will find a built-in L-shaped living room sofa, which can be converted into a guest's bed. The cloakroom is behind the front door. There are many cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, one with oven, one deep stainless steel sink and one 10 cubic foot refrigerator. There is an interesting 'maze Cabin' in London Design Week 2018. Huge boxes are stacked like building blocks, with stairs and balconies inside. Walking inside is like going back to the maze of childhood and going around like a big playground. I don't want to come out. Besides the 'maze Hut', there are many wonderful rooms that can bring a little inspiration to your tense urban life. The house moving with father-in-law sun has a Beach Hut in Eastbourne, England. The name of the Hut is Spyglass Beach Hut. This Hut can rotate, of course, through the remote control. It can change with the sun in a day. facing is like following the sun. From here, you can see not only the sea and the beach, but also the beautiful scenery of the dock and even the town. The design of the roof is like a telescope. Behind the telescope, there is a small bed and even the shower room is equipped with convenience. A strange visitor came to enjoy life 02. House disappearing in nature Minnesota architecture studio in the United States designed a cabin in the forest. This cabin is characterized by a mirror all over the body from morning till night. No matter what changes are made in it, it seems like the whole the house disappeared, but it was comfortable to live in. Besides the living room, bedroom and balcony, piano room, studio and cafe, the quality of life was very high 03. Standard 45 ° slant triangle Villa Brazilian architect Félipe Campolina prepares for weekend escape he builds a unique Villa 45 ° slant triangle look reflects modern geometric beauty open-air living room dining room kitchen even the bathroom is also open in addition to the stairs leading to the back of the room on the second floor, the washing table and the back garden. The house can also be rotated. It is not difficult to face the sea. People who want to escape from the city need such relaxation. cabin 04. Floating container student dormitory in Copenhagen, Denmark, there is a magical student apartment, which is buckled together by containers, not only has a central garden, but also is paved on the floating platform on the water surface of the port. The advantage of doing so is to save both. the space has sufficient lighting and wide vision, which also solves the shortage of student dormitories. There is a giant 'honeycomb' in the house. It is located in the odd house in Osaka. In fact, there is a large honeycomb inside. It is said that the owner of the house is a lover of a Japanese castle, so he has this 'honeycomb cabin' the whole house is a hexagonal 'honeycomb'. People can use the box hole to shuttle through the room. Each hive is different. It increases the sense of adventure. The house is not seen in a rut, but casually encounters the randomness of life. can let us have more yearning for life, the emergence of these container cabins, it not only reflects the desire for isolation from reality, but also the yearning for a new way of life. After all, what needs to be lit is not only home but also life.
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