edmonton’s first shipping container house for immediate sale set to hit the open market

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You will believe it when you see it.
Edmonton is home to apartment buildings and garden suites made of containers, also known as sea cans, but for the first time, the local MLS market will usher in a container house for immediate sale.
\"The most exciting part about the house for me is that we can introduce something that we have never done before --
Put forward an open concept, 2,000-square-
Someone can buy a lot of houses, \"said Adam Morris, the developer behind the project.
In recent years, as developers have recognized the environmental, social and practical benefits of the reuse of containers for residential construction, the trend of tank houses has become more and more popular.
Westgate Manor, 20-
Unit apartment building on 95 Avenue. and 163 St.
Containers consisting of 48 containers went public in 2017, while local Honomobo has been turning modular containers into garden and garage suites for years.
On Friday, while walking in his community of Queen Alexandra, Andrew Mills noticed that a crane had put down a container on the foundation of 7222 106 Street.
Mills is the president of the eco-solar home Tourism Association, which holds energy saving and solar tourism every year
Theme House in Edmonton.
He is a fan of container shipping houses, not only because they are more energy efficient compared to traditional ones, but also because they are a form of mass recycling.
Most containers are shipped from China to North America, but it turns out that building new containers in China is cheaper than sending empty containers back.
\"They are doing one.
Long trips and all the containers that gather in the yard around the city need to be turned into something else.
So it\'s a great opportunity to turn them into families.
\"This is a better use of resources,\" Mills said . \".
Morris joined Sweet Suite Home Builds with copoblock Capital Corporation to make Queen Alexandra\'s container house a reality.
Morris said his project replaced wood with recycled steel, saving the equivalent of 16 mature pine trees.
The structure is also more energy efficient and sealed due to steel frames and insulation.
Other benefits of container transport houses are their durability, fire resistance, extreme weather and mildew, as well as a shorter construction schedule, which reduces nearby disturbances.
Steel frames are traditionally used only in towers because they are much more expensive.
\"Once you introduce a container that has been sitting in the yard that no one wants, all of a sudden, we are able to achieve the cost of construction, which is more attractive and competitive, \"Jon Hilder, house project manager, said.
Since the container already exists, the project is expected to take about two months.
Copperblock cut and weld containers at their factory, so they only have one wall and then send them to the site before they are finished.
As an advocate of energy
Mills said he was happy to see the project going on near him, while other passers-by on the weekend seemed interested in the project.
The neighbors have always been supportive, says Schiedel.
\"When we first said that the container was shipped home and then showed them the finished product, they really couldn\'t believe that what we showed was actually built with the container,\" he said . \".
When the project went public, Morris said, he planned to have a price tag of $799,000, roughly the same as the other houses nearby.
Since the conversion of containers into modules that can be used in the home requires additional design and adjustment work, the overall construction cost is slightly higher than the traditional building.
For this reason, Morris said he was making a profit and taking \"huge risks\" by putting the house on the open market \".
But it\'s worth it for what he calls a passion project.
\"My generation thinks we should do better for the world than we do . . . . . . Everyone must have a place to live.
So why not if we can do that sustainably?
Omar Mosley is from Edmonton.
Reporters inside the report
Urban Problems, affordable housing and reconciliation.
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