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by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-20
【Abstract] When the container met the big villa, true love could not be stopped. The traditional concept of housing has been out of date, which has also inspired people to think about their own living space. Building a house with containers is one of the new ideas. It is green and environmentally friendly, saves time and effort, and is very flexible and changeable. Compared with traditional housing, it can provide more choices for homes, individuals, families and even a community can get what they need. A house made of steel boxes can also be full of fashion and friendly to the environment. Find a piece of land and make several containers, build a container house and enjoy the fun of life. The structure of containers is very widely used, so it can be said that its potential use is unlimited. The Container Store was built in Naples, Italy. It consists of 24 containers and has three floors. The first floor provides retail goods. The second floor is equipped with offices, work areas and warehouses, there are bars, lounges and open terraces on the third floor. Based on the transport container can provide a series of structures that are easy to disassemble, Hong Kong and Australia's G- Pod company has designed a self-sufficient and movable home mode by using its characteristics. The design relies on unpacking the exposed parts of the container and unfolding the large folding deck to create twice as much space as before. While the kitchen and living room are open to the outdoor deck, the design also pays attention to environmental awareness and uses power grid and water pipes to operate. A large curved photovoltaic array provides energy for residential units and can also be used as a sun visor to reduce the heat gain of the house. ↑ The multifunctional storage cabinet with a small table can meet different living functional arrangements under the basic living structure framework. The basic design is as a small studio, but it can also be designed as 1 ~ 2 bedroom units, disaster relief shelter, bedroom suite, or motel/hotel accommodation. The bed and bathroom are integrated into the city, and the unit is highlighted in the main living space. The projection screen can be slid down and used to watch the movie G- Pod also designed a similar structure called 'pop' as a mobile retail unit. It adopts the same movable mode and energy system, and can be designed into various indoor functional spaces at the same time. ↑ 'Pop' appeared in the US Central Park drawing ↑ structure unfolding illustration ↑ section/single room studio-20 feet ↑ floor plan/single room studio-20 feet ↑ 2 Studios-40 feet ↑ 4 separate bedrooms-40 feet ↑ 4 bedroom suite- 40 feet ↑ disaster relief shelter for 12 people-40 feet ↑ 1 ()Bedroom-40 feet ↑ 2 ()Bedroom-40 feet ↑ motel-20 feet ↑ disaster relief shelter- 20 feet container was originally a transport unit carrying goods, but when it collided with buildings, it became the most interesting structure between villages and wilderness, its charm lies in its ever-changing appearance and spatial form of machine aesthetics.
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