Do you know the classification of residential containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-08
With the rapid development of China's economy and the rapid progress of urbanization, the demand for integrated housing is increasing, and living containers also have great development potential in China. Housing containers are mainly divided into several types, such as dry box type housing containers, light steel keel type housing containers, plug-in housing containers and so on. 1. Dry box type housing living container dry box type housing Wellcamp living container reflects some main features of dry cargo container, and its steel structure is the dry box structure stretched on the basis of ISO standard container, and add internal and external insulation layers, decorative plates, etc. to complete the main structure; Keel is set between the inner and outer insulation layers to increase the strength of the inner wall surface; The floor adopts foamed cement board or fiber cement board, and the surface laying materials can be plastic floor, wood floor, bamboo floor or pasted floor tile, etc. 2. Light steel keel type housing container light steel keel type housing container can be divided into the following two forms: production enterprises finish assembling the housing container structure in the factory, then install it on the base of the use site and then connect the water and electricity to use it; The structural plates of the housing container are loaded into containers and transported to the use site by the production enterprise after the factory production is completed, and then each plate can be used after being assembled and formed. 3. Plug-in housing containers plug-in housing containers are generally based on 20-foot standard containers. The top and bottom of the container of this kind of house both have Corner parts which meet the requirements of ISO 20 feet standard container transportation, and the corner parts have components which are connected with the corner posts, and form an integral structure with the top and bottom, simple and quick Assembly; The whole structure of top and bottom, corner posts, windows and doors and the manufacture of insulation board are completed by the production enterprise in the factory, and then the bottom of the box is used as the bearing mechanism and the top is used as the cover plate to assemble into a 20-foot standard container.
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