disorienting shipping container exhibition recreates the dark journey of a migrant at sea

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I hate containers.
It\'s not a carrot-crushed Tupperware, or an Ikea storage box for wool sweaters.
What I\'m talking about is the metal that the superheroes fall into from the skyscrapers, the rectangular buckets without windows, or the buckets that ship International immigrants overseas.
Over the past eight years, my family and I have moved here from three different countries.
Every time, a container full of unnecessary stuff piled up left the street I liked, crossed the Mediterranean by cargo ship, and finally, I spilled my old life on my favorite new street.
I am fully aware of my luxury problem: every time I build a new house, a shipping container can take my home with me like a privileged turtle.
But whenever the corner of the street I had to leave, the aluminum water fish flinch.
For me, it represents a change, a transition, a farewell, a restart, and a reversal of the family.
This week I stumbled upon a container for people to use that made me realize that the container could represent despair, but in thousands of cases, many migrants also see it as a symbol of a new life in larger lands.
Recently visited the outdoor installation of the container \"Draunara\" displayed by the MAXXI museum in Rome, I was forced to think out of the box in a container.
According to UNHCR, 200,000 refugees and migrants arrived in European countries in 2014 (
Compared with 60,000 in 2013).
Rescue teams have collected nearly 130,000 migrants near the Italian coast, where certain parts of the Mediterranean sometimes resemble a floating cemetery.
According to the International Organization for Migration, in 2014 alone, some 3,400 migrant men, women and children drowned in the Mediterranean.
Also, according to their purposeof-the-
According to the annual study, the total number of deaths from land and sea migrants in 2014 was 4,868.
Artist Federica cherini creates a separate container in her MAXXI outdoor installation, which actually moves with the push and pull of the immigration uncomfortable experience, forcing visitors to focus on the sea before reaching the sea
She took us on an unforgettable tour of collective imprisonment in the dark.
Visitors walk into a single stadium-
Black container in order to listen to the voice of the immigrant from the familiar to the unknown chaotic journey and to view the images of his arrival in a foreign country.
Celini wants tourists to feel lost and claustrophobic when absorbing multicultural
Install media in the dark.
This interactive experience reminds me of walking in the Children\'s Memorial Hall in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, with the name of 1 person.
5 million children missing from the Holocaust were read aloud by a candle in a dark underground mirror cave.
In the process of experiencing Draunara, visitors must lean over and put their heads into the Peeps-
Like 18-
Century photographer took a picture from under masked curtains.
Celini worked with voice designer Aleksander Protic to make it for an hour
Long playlist of unforgettable sounds from the African desert to the Mediterranean coast.
Discordant voices include the sound of negotiating travel expenses, wheel movement, prayer, splashing water, and finally the language conversion from the African dialect to the Sicilian slang.
Her ten photographs depict the scenes of the first moments when West Africans set foot on the island of Lampedusa from Libya, accompanied by the raging Sicilian de la Narra storm.
Celini has been on the island many times, collecting footage for a documentary she helped produce about Italian immigrants.
All her pictures were taken with an Iphone.
The audience looked carefully at them through small holes, just like checking bugs on a microscope, recalling how each immigrant felt when he first checked on the newly discovered land.
At the beginning of January, a 49-year-
The Sierra Leone-flagged old livestock carrier is self-driving in Italian waters, carrying 450 people, believed to be Syrians.
The arrival of this steel
As large ships are replacing small ships looking for a new life in Europe, large cargo ships add a new twist to the flow of migrants.
The Mare Nostrum project evolved from Italy\'s response to the tragedy of 2013 Lampedusa, when 350 migrants drowned from the wreck and for a country, maintenance costs were too high.
At the request of Italy, EU countries joined forces to jointly assume the responsibility for the migration issue. The new \"Triton\" operation was launched on November 2014, with the participation of 19 member states and chaired by Frontex (
European border authority)
When the mare performance was eliminated
Although unlike marenostrum in terms of budget and mandate, the launch of the new European action marks a milestone step in the EU\'s more substantive cooperation in the field of border monitoring.
Installation of Celini-
In 2013, the container first appeared at the mizur Festival in Serbia, and recently, in May 2014, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Turin.
It will be on display at MAXXI until January 21, as a clumsy reminder of how difficult the immigration problem is ---
Whether at sea or in a container
The article first appeared in the Italian version of Huffington Post.
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