Creative container office area

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2021-11-19
Hello, dear friends, we meet again. Today, I recommend a container office area. The design team breaks through the inherent way of thinking to practice sustainable design, and proposes to combine practicality, aesthetics and modularity.   Work takes up most of our time. A beautiful and comfortable office space is particularly important. It can not only display the corporate image, but also improve the work efficiency of employees, so that everyone is full of vitality! The container office area is also a place that can directly reflect the company's cultural philosophy. A good working environment can stimulate people's creativity, and the inspiration will definitely be Continuously.  The entire container office area is cleverly stacked by four large container units into two large spaces. The top surface is equipped with a smart skylight system and front and back opening curtain wall window design, so that the entire interior space is bathed in natural light.  The ingenious atrium and second floor terrace design further strengthen the creation of this natural and friendly atmosphere. The graffiti on the high walls of the courtyard and the artistic creations that can be seen everywhere in the room explain the stories of various scenes.   The rich light and shadow atmosphere, complete functional system, harmonious colors and a large number of artistic creations make this container office area full of fascinating charm.  In the interior design of the container office area, they are all simple, but at the same time very delicate. The decoration is based on warmth, thermal comfort, visual effects and integrity.  The convenient container can create such a beautiful container office area, and it can also create more individual spaces through divergent thinking. Or use this as inspiration to find more modular, practical and aesthetic methods to live in harmony with nature and achieve sustainable development.
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