Creative container exhibition hall, container building with mobility and flexibility

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-03
【Abstract] With the gradual increase of container trade, about more than 1 million containers in the world's logistics field are eliminated due to loss every year. In fact, the main framework of these containers is still good, if discarded, it will have a certain impact on the environment. Therefore, the redesign of waste containers is an environmentally friendly and applicable construction form that can save energy and capital, and has good ecological benefits, which is conducive to the circular development of the national economy. To this day, Container Recycling building is still a brand-new building form. In recent years, thanks to the mobility and flexibility of containers themselves, the products they manufacture have been favored by all. This is MATCO's container exhibition hall on Wisconsin's Oshkosh Air Show. The exhibition hall has plenty of light, Air circulation and spacious space. The 40-foot container has been transformed into a mobile exhibition hall. The side panels at both ends of the exhibition hall are additionally equipped with folding floors, which can be opened downward as the floor when needed. The side panels are opened upward as Baffles. This design expands its use. the space ensures the permeability and lighting inside the box. The side plates of the container and the folding floor are operated by the hydraulic pump. The additional space is extended. The awning cloth can be used for wind and rain protection. The interior layout of the exhibition hall can be seen when it is opened. This is Schweiss one side plate and one end plate of a container exhibition hall are installed with hydraulic doors. The hydraulic door adopts 2'X 2' The expansion of the strong steel pipe structure is the baffle plate, which extends the exhibition hall space. The powerful motor increases the lifting force of the cylinder to 5000. The interior wall of the exhibition hall has 1' Insulating materials and corrugated plastics can make full use of the flexibility and variability of containers for some architectural forms that need to be built quickly, thus forming a simple architectural style with industrial sense, time and fun coexist.
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