Containers can also build villas in the mountains, and container camp villas with strong adaptability

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-22
【Abstract] Container houses have been widely used in vacation, office, tourist camps and other fields due to their rapid construction, strong sense of modernity and low cost. However, in the field of private housing, it is not necessary to say that our rural self-built houses are foreign country villas, and the current use of containers is also very limited. The main reason is that they all think that the container house has small space, poor heat preservation performance and no grade. At that time, looking at the unfinished building with only one layer of concrete, I suddenly recalled a container building case I saw when I participated in the design work, thus generating the inspiration impulse to build houses with containers, after a long negotiation, the preliminary design work began. This container camp Villa uses cement fiberboard outside the box, and the bottom layer uses surface composite steel, which can effectively prevent the rain and snow fog in the mountains from corroding the building. The villa is built on the hillside according to the terrain, which reflects the advantage that container buildings have strong adaptability to the environment. The three major ideas of residential design are to create a formal entrance structure, to add a main bedroom, and to use sustainable materials to re-create the skin for the building. The interior space of the camp Villa is large, the decoration is luxurious, the pattern is well-proportioned, and the scenery outside can be enjoyed from different angles. This design concept is to make the house into a landscape. The design focuses family activities and functions on a flexible site, which folds and connects different levels and spaces of the house. The roof of the lower parking space can be a green roof. A garden extends from the children's bedroom and connects the garden and the game area below with a slope. However, with the development of prefabricated buildings, the technical problems of heat preservation, space and water supply and drainage have already been solved. The solar photovoltaic power generation system and rainwater collection system enable the construction of houses in remote mountains and forests without municipal conditions, and there is no problem in living.
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