Container transforms mountain villas and feels the three ideas of container residential design

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-16
【Abstract] The container was originally a transport unit carrying goods, but when it collided with the building, it became the most interesting structure between the village and the wilderness. Now the sales offices in many cities are transformed with containers, its characteristics are beautiful and elegant, low cost, easy to move, and more popular. Even some construction sites rent some container houses for daily office work on construction sites, etc, its charm lies in its ever-changing appearance and spatial form of machine aesthetics. Dweller shares with you the three ideas of container transformation of mountain villas and container residential design. The three major ideas of container house design are: one is to create a formal entrance structure, the other is to add a main bedroom, and the third is to use sustainable materials as a whole to re-create the skin for the building. The interior space of the camp Villa is large, the decoration is luxurious, the pattern is well-proportioned, and the scenery outside can be enjoyed from different angles. This design concept is to make the house into a landscape. The design focuses family activities and functions on a flexible site, which folds and connects different levels and spaces of the house. The roof of the lower parking space can be a green roof. A garden extends from the children's bedroom and connects the garden and the game area below with a slope. The so-called container building refers to the application of recycled containers or new containers as a building component to various types of buildings, in other words, the use of containers to build houses. Through the above two points, it can be seen that container building is a good way to recycle waste products, it can find a new way out for those idle containers that are difficult to find utilization value and occupy stacking space--Building components.
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