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by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-20
【Abstract] The houses transformed by containers have the advantages of fashion and low cost, so shipping containers are not afraid of nowhere to be placed. Foreign designers use waste, launch container houses, and build a comfortable home with a combination of containers. The container is large in size, large in thickness and too strong in thermal conductivity, which is difficult to meet those projects that have special requirements on the thermal insulation performance, weight and thickness of the enclosure structure. To this end, it is often necessary to introduce additional components to build exterior walls. In terms of building enclosure structure, the biggest limitation of containers is that the materials of the containers are all opaque steel plates, which cannot provide solid partitions and realize the penetration of sight lines at the same time. Therefore, transparent materials such as glass and transparent plastic are usually the most common choice. At the beginning of today, I have to do a send proposition. I started to fall in love from the first day of the new year. After three years of high school, I went to college again for four years. After graduation, I will talk about it for two years. I assume that I will not break up during the period, no dog blood, serious love, ask how long? A total of 12 years. Then the big devil's mother-in-law appeared. Is there a car? No; Do you have a room? No. Do you have any savings? No. Home demolition? . . . . Of course, if these are not, the mother-in-law will not be embarrassed, just gently overthrow the 12 years. Although there is no car and no room, but you still have black and black! And--Ten Fold! A movable folding house made by a British company. It looks like a container from its indication. In fact, it is a container, just a container used to hold houses. When through the dark night, through the most difficult time of dawn, the first ray of sunshine between heaven and earth basked in the world, our container roared loudly! Taylor! ! ! , Ahem, it's not good to go to the wrong set. In fact, just press the switch, Ten Fold will become a young and beautiful girl, with a slightly shy voice calling 'little handsome boy, come in and play! 'Sorry, sorry, sorry, wrong actor again. The correct way to open it is actually like this. Press the switch button and take care of it. Ten Fold will turn into a two-story house in situ. When you walk in, you will see that the furniture, water and electricity are complete. The furniture is foldable. Water is lifted by an internally installed water storage tank, and of course water pipes can also be accessed from the outside. Electricity, solar panels to understand ~ The decoration also looks high-end and has a lot of connotations. With a Ten Fold unfolded area of 60 square meters, it is certainly not a problem for four people to live. But what if there are more people? What else can I do? Add another one! If you don't add another container, you can't solve the problem. If you have it, you can have 2, 3, and 4. . . . And you can also pack and take the world away, a piece of space can satisfy your little hunger ~ Because this kind of house parts are modular production, with strong expansion, so as long as the design is reasonable, how to change the layout of the house is no problem ~ And the manufacturer also accepts customization. They also have different design templates, 'Tree House', 'convenience store', 'Exhibition Hall' and so on. The price of such a 60 square meter Ten Fold in Britain is 11. 30 thousand pounds, converted into RMB, is 1 million. . . Still expensive ~ If the order is big, you can discount it. Hey, if you think about it, you can't make a profit again ~ If you prefer to pay attention to foreign information or watch foreign movies, you will find that there are many foreign container refitting creative houses that are very strange and fashionable, originally used for cargo transportation, they were produced and copied in large quantities, attracting many architects and designers to reuse and create. Under the creation of designers, containers have become a popular way of home furnishing abroad.
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