Container transformation streamlined residence, foreign interesting container residence design

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-15
【Abstract] If you prefer to pay attention to foreign information or watch foreign movies, you will find that there are many foreign container refitting creative houses that are very strange and fashionable, originally used for cargo transportation, they were produced and copied in large quantities, attracting many architects and designers to reuse and create. Under the creation of designers, containers have become a popular way of home furnishing abroad. Humble abode King took everyone to see the houses transformed from containers. As the youngest branch of the building structure system, container buildings are widely used with different types and shapes. Like Lego bricks, it can be combined to create almost anything, like a butterfly, creative, flexible, and modern. A construction firm completed a 'Casa Incubo' residence in Costa Rica, which consists of eight shipping containers. The house is not only surrounded by the natural environment in the countryside, but also built around a huge cedar. The two-story middle unit provides indoor ventilation like a lung, and the west facade uses a glass curtain wall to facilitate natural lighting, so that lighting is not needed during the day. The wood obtained by pruning cedar branches is also used to make breakfast bars and table legs in the kitchen. On the second floor, the location of a container is very clever, thus forming a terrace on the roof and a porch in the space below. The roof garden can be used as a place to relax and sunbathe. An inventor, a sociologist, an architectural designer and a scientist spontaneously formed a small family and built their own environmental protection cabin in the suburbs of Amsterdam in Holland. All the living electricity of the residence is provided by solar panels and windmills. The combination of these two methods can completely ensure the whole life of the home. An efficient heat pump combined with advanced insulation facilities ensures that the home is warm in winter and cool and dry in summer. Daily water is collected through roof containers and can be drunk directly after effective filtration. All used water is not wasted, it will be recycled again, through the helophyte filter (Plant-based filter) Back to the surface again, you can water the flowers and irrigate the lawn. The rainwater collection and filtration system diagram converts solar energy and wind energy into living energy. The movable home mode. The design relies on disassembling the exposed parts of the container and unfolding the large folding deck, to create twice as much space as the original. At the same time, the design also pays attention to environmental awareness and uses power grid and water pipes to operate. A large curved photovoltaic array provides energy for residential units and can be used as a sun visor to reduce the heat gain of the house. Industrial classical houses cover 12 containers inside through a glass curtain wall and steel structure, with double straight stairs inside, and the guest restaurant inside is in a large shared space. The first floor is decorated with a living room with fireplace, an open kitchen, etc. The fireplace in the bedroom on the second floor is on the same axis as the living room on the first floor, and the outdoor is full of green. The industrial container of the 9-room one-Hall mansion packed a 19th century cabin inside, where modern industry collided with traditional buildings. The designer decorated nine cabins like honeycombs to pay tribute to the industrial standardized housing in the 1950s s. The Cabin in the room was built by a Japanese gardener from Kyoto in the 19th century and has a special oriental style. The outdoor fireplace allows people to gather together in the evening to talk. The House with curtains is stacked through several containers, and an open restaurant is vacated in the middle of the house. The selected eaves are enclosed by curtains to form a terrace. The aesthetic feeling of the container itself is also very popular with many architects, designers and artists. Is such a house very interesting?
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