Container space design of Brazilian fashion platform, Times Street built by containers

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-24
【Abstract] On the block, the module of the container is combined with the function in an irregular combination mode. Or overlay, or fold, or rotate, interspersed with degrees, with changes in light and shadow latitude to render dreams of different themes. The block will focus on creating theme activities such as outdoor music and Brand Music. At the same time, it will introduce interesting cultural creation activities and design activities at home and abroad, which will make people feel more involved in a wider range of aspects. Dweller shares the container space design of Brazil's fashion platform for you, and looks at the Times Street built with containers below. MALHA is an innovative platform in the fashion industry. It is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It establishes a new way of operation for creators, entrepreneurs, producers, suppliers and consumers in the fashion industry and can establish links with each other. The whole space is mainly composed of residents, photography studio, sewing studio, exhibition hall, natural food restaurant, shared kitchen, administrative area, multi-functional conference hall, cooperative office space, auditorium, etc. Some trays are laid in the whole public space as seats, and some small plant beds, which together with sofas, benches and tables create an atmosphere, combine the atmosphere of the house with the public space. For the internal use of containers, the designer proposed six different uses, including offices, conference rooms and pop-up stores. The best principle is that it can not only become a delicate exhibit in the city, but also enable customers to see that the building comes from containers, so as to reflect the flavor of novelty and art. The picture below shows the AETHER container clothing store, the appearance of the color is simple and atmospheric, with the dislocation to form an interesting facade. To lead new elements into urban space.
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