Container residence breaks through the boundaries of internal and external space, the most irresistible ultra-modern mansion

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-23
【Abstract] The magic charm of containers is reflected in many aspects. Container buildings have gradually integrated into society, especially the independent and complete characteristics as basic components. Completely flexible and free imagination conforms to the trend of modern personalized development, and also meets the special requirements of people in the new era for Personal Tailor. The container itself has high strength, its ability to bear load is even higher than that of ordinary buildings, and it also has anti-corrosion and certain fire prevention capability. Humble dwelling King will share with you the container residence to break through the boundaries of internal and external space and see the most irresistible ultra-modern mansion below. In fact, it is not difficult to find that many popular modern luxury houses adopt a very 'transparent' structure, in other words, light-transmitting building materials, such as floor glass, etc, it makes the indoor environment bright and interlinked with the outside scenery, making the residential area look larger than the actual area. In Noel Terry (Norrtälje) On the outskirts of the, a villa designed by a well-known architect is located in a picturesque rural environment. Here, the original ecology is synonymous with the countryside, and the sheep is the nearest neighbor. An ultra-modern building is located here to create a unique contrast. Industrial wind meets and blends with nature. Project details builders: Mathias Beer, Erik Wedlund and Peter Wedlund containers: 4x 40 feet HC area: 108 m² plot area: 3 600 m² rooms: 5 rooms (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) Project cost: 170 thousand euros location: Soderbykarl year in Norrtalje, Sweden: 2018, just like the first picture you saw, this is a very attractive ultra-modern mansion, let you just see its appearance and you can't refuse it. The house was built with four recycled cargo containers and has a beautiful 4x 40 feet box room with internal insulation and double exterior walls. In order to make the containers habitable, they are insulated and weather resistant. The lower part is covered with steel plate, which can delay the rust of the bottom as the use time passes. In order to supplement the local shape and color, the top container is covered with gray powder coated metal plates, making it deeply integrated with the rural environment. The first floor provides a spacious outdoor social environment for residents. You can enjoy the warm sunshine under the wooden shed. The sofa on the wooden deck is the carrier for you to relax. As you can see, newly mowed lawns and wooded balconies are beautifully protected by solid wood beams. In addition to the simple design of the sofa, it is easy to move, and there is a delicate metal cleaning table and potted frame, which is convenient for outdoor activities. Behind the terrace is the living room of the residence. The folding glass doors can be fully opened, directly communicating the indoor and outdoor environment. In order to maximize the openness of the indoor environment, even the other wall next to it is made of glass doors. There is no obvious regional demarcation line. The kitchen, dining table, and living room sofa coffee table are all in a shared space. This design is very clever compared to the pattern of separating the functional areas with rooms, let the indoor space be enlarged to the greatest extent. The second floor goes up from the indoor wooden ladder. At the bottom of the stairs is an independent work table. The small area becomes the best personal activity area. Even if there is no door, it exists independently in the whole house. On the second floor, it is another place of Xanadu. The public area has an outdoor and indoor rest area respectively. The outdoor rest area is equipped with a steel frame shed on the top, while the indoor rest area is surrounded by windows on three sides and three sides. The indoor wall is similar to the first floor, and the wall design with large area glass replacement is also adopted to let the indoor environment penetrate natural light and scenery. The master bedroom, the second bedroom and the toilet are also on this floor, because the high-rise has hidden advantages. In addition to the three-sided ring window in the public area on the second floor, the bedroom and bathroom are made of dense walls, and the style is based on black, white and gray. There is also an open balcony on the second floor, surrounded by steel beams to protect the room from unnecessary sunlight. Here, you can overlook the quiet scenery of the surrounding area. Compared with the terrace on the first floor, the second floor is mainly comfortable, and the lawn on the ground is more natural. These rooms can be freely interspersed and indented without restriction. According to the actual demand, the whole house can adjust its height. Container-like guest rooms move back and forth, in and out, forming a grid system. The external structure is very suitable for advertising.
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